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    Huawei still doing well in South Africa

    I've dropped my p smart countless times. If it were a Samsung I'm sure it would have broken. I like the phone but given the Google issues it's not an option going forward. Thinking of getting a Xiaomi pro next...
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    Wife cheated

    Perhaps the teacher broke it off with her and now she suddenly realised she is alone. I'm interested to know how the wife found out etc etc
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    Discovery Vitality 2021

    My points have come though. Goal achieved.
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    Discovery Vitality 2021

    Mine still hasn't come though... How's yours?
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    Discovery Vitality 2021

    Yup, same thing for me. Using Huawei. Only steps are getting pushed through. I will see what I can do on Monday if it hasn't pulled though by then.
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    Discovery Vitality 2021

    Active gear is still on it's way. I think I read beggining of second quarter.
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    How are you ushering in 2021?

    In bed, half asleep
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    South Africa returns to level 3 lockdown

    So when does Zuma do her speech so that I can see if I am stuck in my campsite or if I am allowed to travel home?
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    I *might* have the virus!

    Good luck, hope 6 you get better soon. Please keep us updated on the progress...
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    Fears over huge numbers at South Africa's prime holiday destinations - But bookings are still very low

    I disagree. Stopping interprovincial travel now is pointless. Every province has covid.
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    What’s your favourite burger takeout?

    Steers. If I'm feeling rich, Rocca mamma's
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    The top Google searches in South Africa in 2020

    Searched the vanilla flavour one... Beaver butt glands, lol