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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Aren't any of you guys interested in buying my mint Shoei GT Air 2, size medium?
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    This custom Kia Rio is an absolute head turner

    Agreed, If the oke was 2.2m tall then he's have problems. I'm 1.87m and I don't have any kak operating the clutch in my ST. You can move those Recaro seats all the way to the back.
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    How much you need to earn to “afford” a BMW 320i Mzansi Edition

    Please do some upskilling. It'll seriously improve your quality of life.
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    Polestar upgrade - is it a performance upgrade to insurance?

    They might increase your excess. My excess is now R5k on my 2005 Fiesta because I put a bezorst on and Unichipped it. But, as someone stated, it is standard equipment...
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    Afrihost: Github speed un-usable

    I use Afrihost at home, and when I pull a GitHub repo down (via work VPN), it is as fast as when I'm in the office. I think it might be an isolated issue.
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    Work from home - becoming permanent

    I also work for a bank. We've been instructed to WFH, but we can work at the office if we wish. I prefer the latter because there are too many distractions at home. Also, I like having a R1bn building to myself and a handful of others.
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    Net closing on apartheid crimes perpetrators

    What side of the fence are you on? You selectively copy a line from the Wiki article stating that Strydom was sentenced to death, meanwhile the bugger got off scot-free. You're hopping around, trying to retain credibility instead of defending your point and opinion.
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    Vodacom Spam

    Hi there, Is anyone else getting spammed numerous times daily by Vodacom? I've got 2 sims in my phone, both Vodacom, and I get at least 2 messages a day per sim. I've looked for options to prevent spam, but I'm coming up short. Please halp!
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    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas

    I love Afrihost. I've got a 100/100 line and apart from FrogFoot dropping us like a Cortina's clutch, I have 0 complaints. Their support dude, @AfriNatic, helped me out when we needed the process sped up after the previous owner of the house took the LNB with when he moved. They've got my vote...
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    Moving to Cape Town (City by the sea)

    I wouldn't. Unless it's Flamingo Vlei or the ocean side of the R27.