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    Router Battery Backup

    ....Or just get a male to female, and then get a DC splitter I linked to earlier, as the males are all common-ed(?), so will work as a sex change for a DC cable. [Male]-cable-[Female][Male]-splitter-[Male]
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    Xbox Series X / S

    Also a fan of Uniross, but I must say the green Energizers also retain their charge, and comes charged, out of the packet. Think it is the latest NiMH tech, and is not specific to Uniross?
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    Xbox Series X / S

    Have never seen rechargeable lithium batteries at retail level locally. The NiMH ones work just fine for us. Each set is marked so that they do not get mixed up, and there is always at least 4 charged batteries on stand-by.
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    Router Battery Backup will work. More than one way to skin a cat. I assumed the ratel comes with a male-to-male already.
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    Router Battery Backup

    All over the show. Takealot is a rip-off at R70+ for a 3M DC
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    Router Battery Backup

    It will work. I can guarantee you the ONT does not use 1A though. Will do 4 hour loadsheddings without any issues. You issue two main issues here will be: 1 - the gizzu outputs 9V or 12V on the DC plug, so you would either have to get two gizzu's or follow the road less traveled. There are...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    The Romoss Sense+ range, so the Sense 6+/8+ does 3 input and 3 output:
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    Power bank

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    How much would charge someone to format a PC and installing Windows 10 and Office 2016?

    R500 sounds good. I charge(d) less, as I feel 'bad' for doing something that I can do with my eyes closed. Even then, it tends to always come back and bite me in the ass, as it is seldom 'just' a Windows & Office install. E.g. my last charity case once again taught me the whole "You touch it...
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    [give away] 0.0002216 bitcoin

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    Power bank

    The Simple is R378 at PC Link (Florida Glen), R399 at Matrix warehouse etc, but the shipping kills it. R449 for the Romoss LT20 20000MAH
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    Huawei B535-932 and load shedding

    Simulate a power outage (unplug the wall plug to the gizzu), your internet will remain on. An in-shape Gizzu can do 3A at 12V without any issues, while the B535 only needs 1A. You issue has something to do with frequency bands or even a simple setting that needs to change to get the B535 to...
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    Xbox Series X / S

    Odd. My Series X did this once or twice, afaik, and never again. One of the times it crashed so hard it dropped all the controllers and I had to re-sync them all. I did tweak its position a bit in the meanwhile though... will have to push the console a bit to see if it happens again.
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    Seagate GoFlex Home

    I do, but it is in my head, based on the fact that I am also not a technical IT expert and what I know is quite dangerous ... and what I don't know, I Google. I would need to see your screen. We could sit here and go to and fro with screenshots and comments and probably be done in 7 years, or...
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    Xbox Series X / S

    Everyone's needs are different. I cannot, and will not, pay R1000+ a pop for single games. They can go fly a kite. It will never happen. But <R50pm for the next 3 years for a random selection of OK games including all Microsoft games & flight simulator on the PC? SIGN ME UP Compared to the 3...