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    DStv Now issues with major sporting events.

    Ditto, a bit spotty. But spotty is better than nothing - thank you dstv. And a legit thank you to @bwana
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    There is a small coupon available that could save you a measly ~R44: GBM9TPRO1
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    DStv Now issues with major sporting events.

    Ditto. Not working on the android app or browser...
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    Domain Transfer Taking Long

    Sure it uses the EPP system, but no EPP codes in sight. Not for domains at least.
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    This is ridiculous IMHO - For any former Magic the Gathering players

    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. all 10 available items were sold, but the entry is still there for record purposes if you scroll down... Crazy! Seemingly unregulated. Anyone want to buy a crypto-tokenized part of the first [insert asset]...
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    Domain Transfer Taking Long domain? I did a few this week and the transfer went through within minutes of the Accept/approve link being clicked by the parties involved. That being said, the domains in question had no holds on them and were paid up with no pending renewals or anything odd.
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    Telkom Internet scam warning

    Nothing too weird. That is the registrar and not the registrant. That information is largely redacted these days :(
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    Telkom Internet scam warning

    The mailserver is in a class of its own. I do not agree with your statement that no emails came through from 5pm yesterday till 10am this morning. I sent and received email last night without a problem. Technically probably true, but not the correct way to word it. It is simply...
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    Courier service for a small online store

    As per this they charge R110 for up to 2kg overnight.
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    Chinese Shops using Buffalo Express

    Tried, tested, works - order delivered by buffaloexpress and I had no issues.
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    Free Activation on Frogfoot.

    What. Wait. What? Free installation? No 12/24 month claw-back? If that is the case, that makes you the cheapest 10/10 offer on my sheet. I think BioniQ is cheaper, but they don't cover us plebs down in Cape Town. Odd change of heart Cape Connect. Nice change of heart. Now we just need to get...
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    Fibre in Strand

    I have mainly seen those boxes in octotel areas.
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    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    It is a good recommendation imo. It allows for some leeway for other internet usage and gives them some breathing room, bitrate-wise.
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    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    Ain't you answering your own question? is a speed test that attempts to max your line (50mbps) while your TV is simply showing the speed being used (15.25mbps). Netflix can only use so much bandwidth.