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    Best VoIP service?

    Give me a shout. Can assist
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    Fuel Supply Advice - V8 Muscle Car

    Hi all. I would like to ask advice on fitting a completely new fuel line supply from Gas tank sending unit, fuel line material I should use, fuel pump required, fuel pressure regulator and connecting options etc. I currently have a steel pipe (single flow) from the Gas tank, to the engine bay...
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    OPTIC NETWORKS horrible service

    Optic Networks, owned and run by Chris Knipe, has decided to flip the switch on Friday evening, 29 June, with zero notice or forewarning to his clients. No response to mails, sms’s, phone calls etc. No answer on cellphone, *(074) 404-5057‬, or work phone, *(021) 300-1680‬, or mail...