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  • LOL those guys just advertise all over the place, no matter how much of a pain it is for the end-user. I think that was their biggets problem, they were always just chasing the money and forgetting everything else.

    Now I work for a UK based company so all my work is for UK companies. Don't get paid in pounds (sadly) but the pay is still not too bad.

    Are you currently studying?
    Yeah UT3 was quite disappointing... finished it in one week :(
    Well don't sweat about your 2232GW - it's a very popular model and there's plenty stock if you need a second :D

    I'm a web designer/developer and you?
    Currently, not really playing anything. Finished Crysis and stopped there: work's been keeping me very busy lately.
    And no, I got a 953BW instead. Two reasons

    1. My workspace is too small for a 22"
    2. The 32 series is being replaced by the much prettier 53 series :D

    Are you looking at getting one? Cos they really are awesome monitors. Though I'd recommend the 2253GW instead - has 8000:1 :)
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