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    Plex launches new desktop app, exits the Windows Store and kills HTPC support

    I've been using the new web client. Nice UI, but really struggling to get it to work properly. On Firefox the playback is very jerky, and on Chrome there are massive audio sync delays. I'm using a "headless" laptop (Win 7) as a Plex server behind the TV, and the Web client runs on it too...
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    Uber and Lyft admit they are making congestion worse in cities

    What the article doesn't mention is the effect of Uber on parking in the City, and how that service enables commuters who would need to travel within the city as part of their job (sales reps?) to be able to commute into the city with public transport.
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    Anyone using Wechat?

    The problem begins after that step has been done.
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    Anyone using Wechat?

    My son is required to get registered on Wechat for his work as an online English tutor for a Chinese company, but it seems like it's nearly impossible to do this. He got to a point in the process where it rejected his application (reason remains unclear but may be linked to geography) and it...
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    WeChat. What's the verdict?

    Thanks very much just the same.
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    WeChat. What's the verdict?

    I guess I'll try find a willing helper here on the forum to do that for us. He's trying to finalize his online tutoring job, but this requirement has thrown a spanner in the works and he needs to solve it quick.
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    WeChat. What's the verdict?

    Thanks. So how did you manage that? WeChat Support, or find another user?
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    Best bang for buck upgrade

    +1 Made a big difference to my speeds on both frequencies.
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    WeChat. What's the verdict?

    My son was asked to set up an account with Wechat by his Chinese tutoring company, but he hasn't been able to get registered - apparently he needs to get an existing Wechat user to authenticate him. I tried registering myself to see if I could help and I was astonished at the BS they throw in...
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    Rain super slow in my area

    When I first installed Rain Mobile the speeds were average. Then I put an external antenna on the roof and the speeds increased dramatically. A few weeks back I suddenly started experiencing slow speeds again, and after a lot of effort in trying to get Rain to assist they finally gave me new...
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    Good comedy movies recommandations

    Nacho Libre - a modern classic
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    SA Post Office CEO Mark Barnes resigns

    +1 The ******** comments here are astounding. Not one of these idiots has any idea of the success Mark achieved before SAPO, but suddenly they're all management experts.
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    Fibre vs LTE - The option that saves you money

    So this is throttled to 10mbps from the start and just gets worse the more you use it? Feck that, I'll stick with Rain. It may be flaky but I still get better speeds for far less money (even factoring in the xtra I pay during the peak period).
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    Vodacom is suffering due to out-of-bundle data price cuts

    Ah, but what's their "effective" financial performance?
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    Big changes coming to Home Affairs offices – including no more “system offline” excuses

    I was at the Randburg offices yesterday. They don't need more IT, they need to fix the attitude of the staff and put basic customer service systems in place, like organised queuing and clear instructions on what desk to approach. It was a total clusterF@ck. And as for the jabbering and...