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    American Iphone 3GS

    The latest firmware is quite slow on the 3GS. Maybe not such a great idea to use it. Battery life is also limited, esp if it's old.
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    ‘Foreigners: Earn £31k or leave UK!’ Excellent idea. Then the locals won't have to compete with so much cheap labour from India, Africa and Poland.
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    Anonymous Listens in to FBI Conference Call Fascinating to listen to the whole conversation. It appears that the Scotland Yard officer hasn't a clue even what Steam is, yet is investigating IT crimes and hacking!
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    Public Protector's Son Crashes State Car What was she thinking?
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    ASA Rules in Favour of Frankie's Nice victory for the small guy.
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    Iphone 3GS stuck in loop

    I have the same issue. I suspect end of battery life or a faulty connection.
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    Iphone 3GS stuck in loop

    Try taking out the SIM card and see what happens.
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    Occupy Rondebosch Common Protesters on the March Tomorrow. This has been tried before and I recall the locals turned up with shotguns.:o
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    British Spy Rock Was Genuine. The old story from 2006 is here. I bet the guys who said this was a made-up story are feeling foolish.
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    Cape Town most dangerous city in the world outside the Americas!
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    Owner of Vicious Dog at Clifton is a 'Dog Whisperer' I just looked at his Facebook page and the website. He looks like he made the whole 'expert' thing up.
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    Bird flu empties South Africa's ostrich farms I wasn't aware of the scale of this problem. It bothers me that I've just been eating this meat in various forms (& enjoyed most of it), yet the industry is in the midst of an Avian Flu health scare. How is it that the prices for Ostrich meat...
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    Bus Lane Cameras in CT Turned Off! What a monumental waste of public money. I presume now the taxi drivers will protest.
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    Matric Results Should be Private - or should they?
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    Need help please: iPod & iTunes

    It doesn't do it well. I'm always losing tracks. Usually instead of the whole album, I get the first song only.