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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool gadgets

    The Jaguar I‑PACE - Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is our definitive favorite as the electric motor makes for thrilling acceleration from 0-100!
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    ISP provided VOIP Service on Cell-phones

    Wi-fi Range extenders would definitely decrease voice quality due to increased latency. A great "wireless" IP Phone is the Yealink W56P IP DECT Phone, they sell for around R 1999 including VAT at Makro. We also provide them at same price and demo units and discounted rate should you require...
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    ISP provided VOIP Service on Cell-phones

    A potential problem with using a softphone App to make voip calls is that the app could sporadically hang, crash or restart during use, as is the case with any App, especially after IOS / Android updates. A simple restart of the app generally fixes the issue. Secondly, a good wifi connection to...
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000

    Home-Connect 20 Mbps Uncapped Fibre Ping: 16ms Download: 92.37Mbps Upload: 91.69Mbps Whoop whoop!
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    Telkom Fibre Uncapped - Shaping (over and above throttling)

    Hi Chris, Question 1 - However, my question is whether any shaping also gets applied. So if for example I have only used 200GB, and the network is really busy, could I get shaped? Yes, shaping is also applied on top of throttling, often leaving clients with ridiculously slow internet speeds...
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    Skype Number - SA Alternatives ?

    Hi Scud, If you are still searching for a working solution, we could provide you with a landline number, auto attendant (welcome to xyz company, for sales press 1, for accounts press 2 etc) voice mail and immediate and automatic forwarding to your cell, or as many cell phones are require...
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    Compromised Voip phone

    Hi PhilaniH, In Agreement with Bigx333, any voip provider should have a maximum balance / prepaid limit assigned for each client. In fact, this is mandatory for the majority of systems and generally defaulted to a maximum of R 5000. I would recommend requesting a detailed call report, with a...
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    Fanvil X3SP VOIP Phone installation

    Hi Befokte Blond... Loooove jou naam ;) You would need to plug the phone into the back of your fibre router, then log into your router to open port 5060 to allow voip traffic from and to the handset. While this is easy for IT Technicians to do, it is just crazy to expect regular people to...
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    Fibre Installations Vereeniging

    Hi Aubrey, Dark Fibre Africa have existing fibre infrastructure in Vereeniging. However, they only supply business fibre, not residential. The good news is that the physical fibre is already in town and can be pulled into residential areas. I highly doubt that Openserv will take up the task of...