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    New MacBook Pro launched — It's ports galore

    Riddle me this…. how hard will Core Group **** us up the ass with pricing?
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    Apple ‘Unleashed’ Event - October 18

    Stupid design that doesn’t work with my ears Ill settle for the pro with the rubber grommets
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    Concerning mobile data price changes in SA

    My only concern is that data expires. I paid for it, i want to use it when i need it.
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    Vox is shite

    Vox since the beginning of time. Occasional reboot and port reset needed. One billing issue that was resolved. Never struggled.
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    ‘Keep quiet, you're drunk’: Ramaphosa orders unruly Ga-Rankuwa residents

    Zimbabwe has a higher IQ than us and look how they ****ed that country up. No hope here
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    CONSUMER WATCH | The Rusty Suzuki Swift saga continues

    I bought a 2018 Grand Vitara from Suzuki Bassonia and I now suspect previous accident damage on a door. Clear coat is peeling. Dealers are stealers.
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    Pitbulls turn on their Phoenix family - mom, dad and son attacked

    Followed by “it’s not the breed, it’s how you train them”
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    So I entered this competition...

    Send me your email address, phone number, ID copy, and a selfie to my DM I have a one in a million offer for you. Not many people will be part of this. Don’t miss out! *it is legit. I used the Oxford comma
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    LED Filament Bulbs

    I use two of them in my lounge when watching movies. Just dim enough to create a nice atmosphere. No flickering after months of use. As previously mentioned, only really good for decoration.
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    What state is your cars boot in?

    Compressor for when we hit the 4x4 trails Two helmets Two Camelbaks Floor pump Seat cover for when the dog travels with us. Blanket
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    Buying Digital Movies

    Do you pay your TV license? It is the right thing to do.
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    Why new and secondhand car prices in South Africa are shooting through the roof

    Clearly a typo. Please say it is a typo.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I wonder if you can do 1 pack AA and 1 pack AAA