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    Bitco 10Gbps fibre tested

    WOW - now that's a good deal
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    Home skylights? Yay or nay?

    Anyone with leads/references and rough pricing estimates in CPT?
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    Can't make calls on new telkom sim

    usually takes a little while for the activation process to kick in before you can use the SIM. How long have you waited after inserting the SIM?
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    Outdoor composite decking

    Do you perhaps have rough pricing on linear or sqm pricing on the Massaranduba?
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    Apple wants to shut down Corellium’s ‘Perfect Replicas’ of iOS

    Great news. Overrated and proprietary garbage should be locked down (pun intended) to one central point so it doesn't proliferate. Contained - like a virus.
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    Alexa is built in to a new Xperia 1

    Why's this even newsworthy? Been running Alexa on a few Android devices for ages flawlessly - with wake word enabled.
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    Am I mixed race?

    What garbage!
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    Private investigator joins search for missing Meghan Cremer

    Rounds aren't all that cheap. Well, certainly not cheap enough to waste on these lowlifes. Plus, they deserve to depart their lives under a tremendous amount of pain first. You're right though - they certainly don't deserve to live.
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    Ready to OD again

    Always a bunch of assclowns that love kicking others when they're down. Best option - take a massive dump on them by sorting yourself out and staying alive and thrive. Karma's a bitch - it all comes around in the end - the same assclowns get what's coming to them - directly or indirectly.
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    The SABC is a complete mess

    It's been a mess for decades already - so much of the news nowadays just stating the blatantly obvious!
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    Private investigator joins search for missing Meghan Cremer

    I don't think it's so much of an indiction of how caring or not we are - more like we're just so desenitised to such senseless violence and loss of life in this fukked-up-cuntry.
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    11 Genius Ways To End Any Argument, No Matter What

    Always...Always...follow through and finish what you start. Important life lesson
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Nope - all good - been running mine for over a year. Max Amperage and wattage I've noted is very similar to yours
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    Well - at least you scolded him - I'm sure that made all the difference in the world. I bet he certainly learnt his lesson from that scolding