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    Stand a chance to win great prizes from Hikvision - Enter Here

    If I win this Competition, I will make sure to update this entry with a pic.
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision E2000 256GB M.2 PCI-e Gen 3 x 4 NVMe 3D NAND SSD Maximum Read Speed 3,300 MB/s Maximum Write Speed 2100MB/s
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    E1000 PCIe NVMe 1024GB 2100MB/s read speed 1800MB/s write speed
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision SSD C100 Series 2.5'' Total Capacity: 1920GB Large capacity with good read/write speeds running on SATA interface
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    Suburban apiary, beehives and beekeeping

    Whats happening at the second entrance? I see only one a few bees entering that way.
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    Seagate giveaway – Win FireCuda Gaming Docks and HDDs - Enter here

    Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive 5TB (STKL5000400) Peace of mind Includes rescue data recovery services.
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    All your family photos and videos taken by their mobile phones can be backed up automatically to one personal place on your NAS with Moments.
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    Offer to purchase question

    Anyone know what exactly is covered by the electric COC? Does it cover only the points and switches or should the wiring also be inspected? Went into the roof and see wires for the lights just lying on the ceiling, lives, neutrals, and earths all bare, not in any casing.
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Thanks to the card’s seamless integration with Xbox Velocity Architecture, you will get the same fast loading speeds and can still use the Quick Resume feature to jump between titles within seconds.