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    Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne

    Sam Rubin gets the wrong black guy. Jackson's response is brilliant. PS - mods, not sure if news content = CA, please move to OT if better suited there.
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    Yeah, I could do this on my iPad (2 mail accounts), but iPhone was not playing along (solo account).
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    Nope. I ended up deleting and relinking the account and suddenly the inbox appeared above the VIP item. Weird.
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    i tried this, but no go. see screenshot above. maybe i should kill the account and relink it?
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    i can't on iphone - the inbox isn't there.
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    I have gmail set up in my mail client. I leave my inbox to browse one of my other folders eg Sent or Drafts. How do I return to my inbox? Am I the only one not finding it again? Maybe I screwed a setting up?
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    Organising my personal photos

    I couldn't find much from a search for this subject on this forum, so maybe you guys could help out by sharing how you organise your (personal) photos. I'm in two minds about whether I should stay offline or put them in the cloud. I've got < 10GB thumbsuck of stuff. Some high-res, some low...
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    How to send the cursor to the END of a search-query / web address line?

    doesn't always work nicely in ios. highlighting tools are one thing that could be improved in ios imo.
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    Adding Gmail contacts on iPad

    I think this is a sneaky move by apple to frustrate users into thinking that gmail doesn't work 100% on their devices. Seriously, what else could their reasoning be?
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    just created a bridged router with dd-wrt...

    on a cisco / linksys E1500. took about half an hour as a noob and it was all set up, without needing to touch my primary ap. saved me having to buy a dedicated "bridging router", and there's some nice little goodies on the firmware too. kudos to for some nice work. i love...
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    YouTube Links

    same here last night.
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    html5 / xhtml "role" attribute

    i've come across <div role="main"> and various other similar "role" markups in various popular html templates. sometimes the property is "navigation" sometimes it's "sitemap". it seems to be whatever you want it to be... googling it just leads me to a somewhat defunct xhtml reference in the...
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    New company mail hosting

    What's my best mail option for a company starting out. They have a few subsidiaries, I don't think more than 6 different entities, and probably not more than 20 email accounts per company eventually. Some of those may just be forwarders to the holding company mailboxes. They seem to have...
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    Who hasn't jailbroken their iPad 1 or 2

    bidorbuy is pricey :p
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    US iTunes store?

    Yeah it's the fpb