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    Stop acting like former colonisers, Ramaphosa tells African countries that imposed travel bans

    Ramadingo is probably at the bottom of the list for no one gives a fok about president.
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    Alternatives to Windows 10

    SSD my guy.
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    Have you returned to the office?

    From next year we are required to be at the office for 1 week straight in the month. but with the cost of petrol I rather stay put at home.
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    South Africans want 5-year licence renewal scrapped – Here’s how long licences are valid for in other countries

    If these thieving a holes can help it, it would be every year no way they going to increase the years and loose out on that cash.
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    Takealot warns to get your TV licence now if you want a Black Friday TV deal

    I know , its always good to get it off my chest though.
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    Takealot warns to get your TV licence now if you want a Black Friday TV deal

    I think my TV License bill is over R4000 and every time they email me I tell futsek you looted all the money and I don't watch your crap, and then they disappear for months.
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    Stage 2 load shedding to kick in from 14:00, and will last until Saturday - De Ruyter

    yep stage 1, 2 and 3 we miss load shedding once it hits stage 4 then boom we have it, we in the Eastleigh area near the water department.
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    No Law To Compel Having a Driver's License

    Ok then isn't it a bit early to be drunk?
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    Would you feel comfortable returning to crowded events?

    People smelling like onions on a blistering hot day, no thanks.
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    The 'Massive' Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Looks like load shedding outside(dark) now, with some rumble.