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    Out-of-bundle and data rollover regulations - Your feedback needed

    They should sell data with the terms specific to the bundle. The prices must be scaled correctly and obviously be in-line with ICASA. 3Month rollover 2gig r150 pm for a 6month or 12month or 24month term (depending if ur adding it on maybe midway into a contract or prepaid) 12month rollover...
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    Roodepoot crèche owner, 62, in court for explicit child porn

    The fact that he owns a creche is a worry factor... since the dude is clearly into the "younger". Who knows how crazy and demented he is... 16.. down to 11 year olds.. Who says he wasn't working his way down. (what was his real range... they only caught him with vids of 11 to 16) and who...
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    Great internet service - Crook system

    It's a self service... They service you account themself. and change your spend limit to a nice big figure... I had that happen to me too . I set it to R400 maximum. next moment it's over R400.. somehow it went to R1000 limit. (set by their system)
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    Web Squad ISP

    True. I agree with getting the rest of the network upto speed. Local servers upto spec. Don't test-drive a Lambo if you haven't even driven a BMW 335. It's bound to go bad quick. My main thinking was.. 5G is going to see heavy uptake this year and next year. If they going to be pushing...
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    Web Squad ISP

    Tie it to a dove.. like back in the old days. for real... Better to courier it.
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    Web Squad ISP

    People don't kill people. Latency kills people. People getting lag go nutty-fruit-salad.
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    Web Squad ISP

    omw.. slowness wars continues..
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    Rain 5G in Pretoria North?

    Those speeds don't even look like 5G at all. I've seen 4G pumping to at least 300-400mbit with good signal. 5G in my mind would be anything above the 800mbit mark. maybe 1gbit to 1.5gbit or 2gbit. Anything below 300mbit is still 4G in my books.
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    Web Squad ISP

    So where's the Multigigs at? I see American and UK people sporting with 10gbit connections on fibre. They also boasting about the 5G speeds which seems to be around 1.6gbit to 1.8gbit. Surely there must be options of 2gbit in SA already ?
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    MTN towers

    Sadness. the state of our country. People stealing your backup power for your Internet. When you want to surf the internet while being loadshed. Boom... no internet even while being loadshed. #BoredWhenLoadshed When your only entertainment is looking at a candle... or LED lamp i guess.
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    MTN towers

    Soon there will be no towers running aka No-G Not 1G, Not 2G, not 3G and No-4G.
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Review)

    he went 100% DOD. sheesh. that is good battery's then yes.
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Review)

    I pretty much have the same setup. got a pure sinewave Inverter also 2400va (max 1200 to 1400watts i think) Haven't had any issues with it... only thing you have to look out for is the battery's must not drop below the 50% So if you check your power usage... you must work out that it...
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    ISP Price increase during subscription

    36% sounds a bit drastic... Howmuch is the price diff on the higher bundles ? maybe rather move to a higher bundle. Which cost the same. maybe it's only the lower package that has the "higher price change" work out the price diff , 36% increase on your normal package vs Price difference...