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    Occupational rent and new development sectional title

    So, I'm having a similar problem. Bought a place off-plan in 2017. I have signed and submitted all the documents that were required, and paid all taxes, fees, duties, and deposits in mid Sept. It's been 6 weeks, and the documents haven't even been lodged by the attorneys. There has been no...
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    Tom Tom watch owners, anyone else still collecting points? The email said as of 10 July Tom Tom watches would no longer be compatible, but on Sat and Sun (13th and 14th) i got points for my HR workouts. Anyone know what's happening with this? I was mere moments away from purchasing a new watch...
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Email security would be my go-to. As a victim of impersonation fraud through email this will come in very handy.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    In the same boat here. Spent a fortune getting the "perfect" device for my lifestyle. HR strap, cadence sensor, bike speed, swimming function etc. All that is now useless. Yes, TomTom announced they were leaving the tech wearable world, and Discovery said they would no longer accept new TomTom...
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 – South African pricing

    Got an email from MTN now correcting the price. The price I saw online when ordering was due to an error, and if i wish to proceed with the order it will be at R769 pm.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 – South African pricing

    No word yet...a friend of mine also ordered it. Also, no contact from MTN yet. Still hoping for the best.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 – South African pricing

    Did anyone see MTNs s10e offering? R249pm on a Made for Me deal. Even got the email confirmation. Do you think it's a pricing error? Surely they have to honor it?
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    Cannot Get Telkom Line Cancelled, Need Help!

    Its a pain, but i finally managed to cancel mine. You have 2 options 1) Do NOT cancel - Simply tell them you want to switch to prepaid (This is not what i did) 2) Contact the National Consumer Commission - there is a small form to fill out. They get on Telkom's case for you and sort the mess...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Able to activate in minutes!
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    ABSA Banking fees

    Hi all, Anyone else notice a few extra rands going off their absa account for "Maintenance fee", "Admin fee", "Internet banking fee", "SMS notification fee" etc. Just some of the random terms they used in my account statements to take my money. In 2017, i opened a savings account that offered...