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    iPhone warranty 1 year - MTN contract 2...

    Hey guys, So as the title says I'm aware that the warranty period for iPhones is only a year and I'm on a 2 year MTN contract...I'm lucky enough to have my iPhone deemed broken (beyond repair, it needs replacement) by the iStore repair centre. So is there a way MTN will replace the unit (iPhone...
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    PS3 Music streaming

    Hey guys, I usually stream media from my PC to PS3, the video and images still work but for some reason, now when streaming music I get error DLNA 7522. Tried googling but nothing really helped. I tried deleting 15GB of music as well. Still nothing. Help will be much appreciated :)
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    FNB Cell phone deals

    Hey all, I've checked numerous articles on MyBB and also read up on the FNB website about the R50 - R100 saving pm on the cellular deals. How is this working out for those who have taken it? Do you really save monthly? Also can you qualify for the savings on some months and not the others or...
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    Telkom Awesome *NO CONTRACT*

    Has Telkom finally come to its senses? Check this link out... This is on a month to month basis and includes a free modem. Did anyone find...
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    Camera apps

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if these camera apps, actually help take out better pics by changing the lens settings or does it basically just help with editing. My phone usually takes good pics, but at night its really bad quality. Its got a 5mp Camera and 720p HD vid. Please reccomend on how to...
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    3G wastes data

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I leave my 3G modem connected to my PC all day, will it waste a lot of data. I was told it only matters how much data is actually being downloaded, maybe background programs, but its much easier to leave it on instead of reconnecting each time. So will it incur extra...
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    Download Timer

    Hey guys. I tried searching for an app like this but could never find one. Basically I need a timer for any Internet browser so that I can queue downloads and set what time for them to start and stop. You know with night surfer you get so much free data for late night usage, instead of starting...
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    Sound System

    HI all, I currently have an 800w home theater system but now I'm looking for something much more powerful. I am planning to buy a 4000W car amplifier and connect some huge DJ speakers and Woofers. I'm not sure what ac adapter I need and also I am not sure whether the car speakers are powerful...
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    Kelvinator Renaissance Oven Fuse??

    Hey all, my fuse in the oven has blown, but I cannot locate where the fuse is. Please help suggest possible locations.
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    Cell Phone Content Charge SCAMS

    Hello all, I have been scammed now two times on my MTN contract and have received full refunds on both occasions. A total sum of over R5000 has been refunded to me. I appeal to all contract holders to view their monthly statements for unknown content charges because a few Rands every month...