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    Discovery Health say they are unable to pay for dad's life-saving cancer medication

    last year my house was broken into and was cleaned out - all I had insured was my cell phone and laptop. I asked if I could right there and then cover all my contents - and would they pay out for the whole house. They said no. Could not believe it - I was a loyal customer. err, so yeah...
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    ‘Veggie discs’ to replace veggie burgers in EU crackdown on food labels

    SA's Fry's company make excellent vegan products - when we go to a braai we take their Asian style burgers - and I think most could not tell the difference between their chicken nuggets and the real thing. For me, I really hate the way animals are treated in commercial (fattening process...
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    R350 gets you front in line at Home affairs, residents claim

    Went to Malmesbury. In and out in under an hour - renewed passport and card ID - received passport 10 days later, think ID was a week or two after that. Excellent service.
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    Minted Gold Bars, Safer than the Rand?

    If I wanted to get into resources, would consider STXRESI - 80% is in Anglos, BHP, Sasol and Mondi - so most out of SA and its crazy unions. Its a rand hedge + pays a dividend. Going through EE means no monthly fees and very liquid.
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    WATCH: Klopse party clean-up cost City of Cape Town R140 000

    I am sure there is a cost to clean up after the Cape Argus as well. No news.
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    At this school, pupils are forced to borrow a broken toilet seat from teachers to put on holes used as toilets

    You would think that the concerned parents would rally around and make/buy a few toilet seats - surely if you can build a shack, a toilet seat is a piece of piss???
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    Scholars arrested for bestiality

    And - knowing that they run on volunteers, have volunteered to help? Or is it "someone else's problem"?