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    Opening a UK bank account

    Transferred some funds from TransferWise and PayPal. Almost always instant
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    Solar advice please

    One circuit. Have another across other circuits and appliances
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    Solar advice please

    Sonoff Pow2 connected inline with an extension cord to measure usage
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    Joburg’s M2 bridge to close due to ‘structural defects’

    While I’m happy about this, portions of that road still feel very unsafe.
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    Solar advice please

    This is over the whole day. So a system for 5 kWh for lights and TV+Internet would work?
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    Rare cars on SA road

    First time seeing the sedan A class
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    Solar advice please

    Sorry to hijack the thread. Looking to start migrating some plugs onto solar. Plug usage for the lounge is this : What kinda system would be needed to carry this?
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Still no iOS app.. how come?
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    Xbox One Controllers that continually break!

    I have stick drift but still rocking my Day One controller.
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    How far will you make it without a degree

    The reason I’m finishing mine. Gotten far without one [emoji2375]
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    Which games, 10GB or less are worth playing?

    Vampire The Masquerade : Bloodlines
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    Need of help.

    Wait what? Had the money not cleared?
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    Rain eSIM references in website code

    Friend mentioned possibly eSim only next year.