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    Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

    I have just activated my Office 2019 Pro Plus, that I bought from Bid or Buy, and checked the registration type, it is a "Retail Channel" The activation took about a hour : I could not do it online so I phoned the local Microsoft number which is linked to the States...the line was very bad so...
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    Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

    To determine whether you have a retail edition or a volume license edition for Office 2019 and 2016, use one of the following methods, depending on which version of Microsoft Office product you have installed. Select Command Prompt (Admin) Type the following command to navigate to the Office...
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    Win10 Professional purchase

    I found this on the net and used the info to identify my Windows key, that I bought for R150, as a "retail" key and its legit....(for the first time in my life!) : "Microsoft offers Windows 10 licenses in many channels governed by different rules, but for most users, you can only acquire a...
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    Huawei launches its competitor to Android - Harmony OS

    My first priority in choosing a cellphone is Google Android then manufacturer....I took Huawei of my list when their troubles with Google started while choosing a new device this I know I made the right choice!
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    “Best smartphone ever” continues to impress South Africans

    They have one amazing feature : Bixby! Its amazing that Samsung Will make a excellent device and then #$@! it up with the most senseless feature ever made to run on Google Android!
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    Samsung Bixby irritation

    With the latest firmware you can assign a app to the button for a one or two press, I assigned Google to a one press that means that Bixby will still appear with a double or long press. There are a few apps that will remap the button but Samsung had circumvent them in the latest firmware, so...
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    Samsung Bixby irritation

    My Sony XZ was still working faultlessly but I had to upgrade and the XZ2 Sony was not available from my cellphone provider and with the Trump Huawei problem I decided to go for a Samsung S9. I was warned about the Bixby issues but was under the impression it could be disabled....but with the...
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    Why you should install an antivirus on your smartphone

    First of all because of the way that Google Android operates it is a waste of money to install "antimalware" because the most such apps can do is to slow your device down and issue a warning if it detects any activity : it cannot stop the malware from running or uninstall any apps because...