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    Johannesburg CBD car dealers

    Many bargains. Too good to be true. There will be no after-sales. The receipt and warranty will be of no value. Ensure the asking price has nothing on top once you are ready to buy. They will lie even more so than a typical used-car salesman. Many will be repossessions. Ask to speak to the...
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    Programming key without master

    I do not have a card attached to the key.
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    Programming key without master

    I have a Toyota Aygo, X-Play 2018 and need a replacement key remote. I only have a valet key. Is there any way at all the dealer can still programme or do I have to completely replace the security unit? Looked on the Internet and there are many differing views on this.
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    Toyota Aygo 2018 USB

    Just bought a Toyoto Aygo (x-Play 2018). Trying to get the USB to work with a FAT formatted stick to play mp3 . Error 'Audio system not connected'. Is there a options to turn on the USB?
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    Name and Shame: Unauthorised Debit Orders Thread

    Why not close the account and open a new one with another new bank. Only solution as a last resort for persistent illegal debits and many are, perhaps.