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    Bellville refugees fear for their health after shower blocks withdrawn

    Same thing as the supposed refugee caravans to murica. Entitled hopeless cases that was sold on easy free stuff "elsewhere". They screw up their own countries and then demand others recompense them.
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    Upcoming Series (Remakes and Adaptations included)

    From the trailer of WOT I saw the expected.... RJ's carefully crafted social and racial scheme is completely upset by some moron in charge completely ignoring it when it came to casting. The series is gonna be a feminazi equity disaster completely ignoring the dance of emphasis on seperation...
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    Tax evasion vs tax avoidance in South Africa – and why SARS wants you to pay your fair share

    It's kinda funny.... we have a state organ constantly gaslighting the country and they are only doubling down even almost no one believes a single word they say any more.
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    Intelligence report reveals ‘shocking reality’ around the interception of communication in South Africa

    I'm still waiting for the unexpected bit.... they forget to included it?
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    WATCH | Exclusive footage of Thembisa cop ‘ordering hitmen to murder her sister and five kids’

    What's to understand? She's clearly a sociopath that valued money more than family.... it happens. Usually they are not quite THIS greedy and stupid though.
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    Should transgender athletes compete as their gender identity dictates?

    Why not, sports are a waste of time.... burn it all down.
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    Hawkeye (2021 Series)

    For some reason.... this makes me think of home alone....
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    What book are you reading at the moment ?

    The funny thing, not even having read the book I know that British stock marketeers actually started a few wars in southern africa using similar strategies.... still can't figure out how the governments involved did not make it illegal if only due to all the problems it caused. Markets left to...
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    Man convicted for kicking ex-girlfriend’s dog to death

    Yorkies are so miniscule.... kicking and stomping on one for making a mess is hardly proportionate. I would love to see him try it on a dog his own size.... they don't take that kinda k@k.
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    Covid pandemic: what to expect over the next six months

    Told ya
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    How much sugar is packed into your favourite chocolate bars

    None that come to mind atm other than memory and personal experience. Not necessarily, all they have to do is stop the refinery process before it's complete.... probably an actual economic reason for it. Won't be the first time a large business cut all the corners it can. Note I don't allege...
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    How much sugar is packed into your favourite chocolate bars

    Depends on the dark choc.... you can increase both coca and sugar at the same time roughly speaking depending on how you shift the balance of other ingredients.
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    How much sugar is packed into your favourite chocolate bars

    No, that last part you twisted. Raw=unrefined. Minor filtering to remove impurities does not turn raw cane sugar into the toxic white sugar we commonly see..... it does not even turn it into the supposed brown sugar we commonly see. I think part of the problem is semantics, I don't see sugar...
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    How much sugar is packed into your favourite chocolate bars

    A natural process does not strip out all the things that makes sugar beneficial. All natural sugars have uses otherwise they would not exist..... and no sugar exists just to sweeten food though that is a use they all share. Harvesting != refinement.
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    How much sugar is packed into your favourite chocolate bars

    This is almost true, the body in some ways does not care about the type of sugar, it cares about concentration more than type.... but different types actually do get processed differently, I forget the differences now but you can google that yourself. That is something you can google, I don't...