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    Cool Ideas fighting off a massive DDoS attack

    Yea I've switched to SuperSonic (from C.I) honestly apart from some predictable "switch-over-call-centre-issues" that lasted a day. They have been fantastic... I can even "stream" from "unofficial sources" :P
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    I cannot cancel my Telkom account - Tell your story here.

    We can but hope! Would be awesome if Carte Blanch can take up the story but I'm guessing, in the end, there will just be a lot of lip service and empty promises! #OhHelloSAGoverment
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    Building a Desktop PC for Machine Learning

    "All the machine learning PCs I've seen for sale online use Intel CPUs." Most libraries are optimised for Intel CPU, if not most of the community builds of "generic libs" like TensorFlow etc are build for intel CPU's plus
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    Rietfontein Fibre Group

    Hi Guys - Posting for a friend :P He just started the FB group "Rietfontein Fibre Group" Please go and join if you in the area, they trying to start a community and get fibre to the area.
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    Fibre in Bloubergstrand, Table View and surrounding areas community

    Fibre !! I'm surprised that Vuma and Frogfoot is there
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    MTN Supersonic website up

    Ja not sure what happend to them.. they used to have a website and then for like 2 years it looked like they didn't care. And then they removed the fibre site !
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    Vox Fibre Cancellation - Refusal to waive fee and notice period

    Ja I've seen some ISPs says "Free install no contract..." many of them MEAN "Free installation UNTIL you cancel then you are liable for installation cost usually the full amount" but hey its not a contract ! #whateva !!!
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    Vodacom Fibre down

    Sh*t sorry to hear man - I feel your pain ! Is Vodacom your ISP or network in this case ?
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    RSAWEB uncapped Service

    Netflix only needs like 5Mbps for HD (their own statement) but I do get you - you want some headroom :) I usually say 10mbps per couple +5Mbps for each child and +10Mbps for each teenager/millennial
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    Use Any Router with Vox Fibre

    Ja its kinda strange... I can see why they did it... Most people(not in this forum) probably doesn't give two hoots about their router.. Only us semi-tech-people :P Wellll i know my grandma doesn't care about her router... Cause she knows the children will :D
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    AirBnB Management Company - For Sale

    HI all Posting on behalf of my gf - not sure if we can list businesses (the "Read First" doesn't seem to say no) Short-Term Rental Property Management Agency For Sale - Cape Town Short-term rental property management agency with a 3-year track record, good reputation and loyal client base...
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    VueJS / ReactJS / Angularjs / Angular 2+ Show of hands

    HI Guys I was wondering how the s.a web dev community is made up in terms of javascript frameworks.. Of course each has their pro's and cons but was wondering what the s.a community currently prefers ? I was/is a strong Angularjs1 guy now leaning towards VueJs
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    ISPAfrika - Good Job !!!

    I thought I will just give a shout out to Garth and ISPAfrika ! In less than a week they got me sorted with fibre ! In contrast to webAfrica who after now 7 weeks said i don't have fibre in my complex ! Well done guys ! After dealing with a few of the ISPs you guys were really really good...
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    Webafrica Fibre - Horrid Installation Experience.

    Webafrica Fibre - Installation Experience. Yo after waiting almost two months for my my WebAfrica fibre to be installed and numerous emails/calls they come back to me stating that "There are no fibre available in my complex according to OpenServe..." This took them more than 6 weeks to...