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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    In Developer Options, if you check under the Apps section, there is a toggle that states 'Force allow apps to write on external storage'. I don't know whether this pertains to apps under development or to apps already/about to be installed but it may be worth investigating.
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    Android Useful Apps

    MacroDroid has a free tier, you could install it and check if it can do what you want
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    The Audi Thread

    Check the spec, there may be aux in (stereo mini jack) in the centre console, that's if your phone supports that....
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    Buying a used Fiat in 2021

    @airborne - not sure of your criteria to meet bulletproof status, but I have a 2006 Panda closing in on 280 000km. It's had one timing belt, a water pump and a dash of welding to the exhaust manifold, apart from the normal service stuff. Oh, and a new steering pump some years back, it's a known...
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    Are the users actually due anything? I'm sure I read somewhere that users would forfeit their initial deposit since the scheme is illegal - or is that hinging on the determination of how the scheme is eventually classified?
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    My Redmi 9 is my intro to Android, so I'm still trying to figure out a lot of stuff, in particular, battery use at idle. I know this is a loaded topic, dependent on apps in use, which radios are active, signal strength, number of notifications received etc etc, but I'm just trying to establish...
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    ABB VSD - MyGSM 8I8O or GSM Commander GC0321-3G

    I had a good look at various devices, both local and imported, the GSM Commander ticked all the boxes. I've had some running full time since 2015, not even a hiccup apart from a Vodacom tower issue a few years ago. Also the guys at Polygon design and build these things, they're local and know...
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    ABB VSD - MyGSM 8I8O or GSM Commander GC0321-3G

    As with most 'smart' devices and remote switching/monitoring applications, the deciding factor for me is the software and reliability of the hardware. GSM Commander software is brilliant - logical and very comprehensive - and the devices are rock solid.
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    ABB VSD - MyGSM 8I8O or GSM Commander GC0321-3G

    I've installed a few GSM Commanders for critical applications, can recommend them without reservation.
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    Two channel amplifier with bluetooth

    Look for TPA3116 amplifier boards - or TPA3118, depending on power/volume requirements. Aliexpress, eBay etc have hundreds. here's an example...
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    POE Door bell with Electric door/gate trigger

    Check the local price with these guys:
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    You could try AdGuard DNS - you should have the option to add a private DNS under Connection & Sharing
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    POE Door bell with Electric door/gate trigger

    Check with local distributors for the Hikvision Wireless Villa range - something along these lines:
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    I used this video to set up HA on a VM a while ago - as a total noob to HA - and it worked fine:
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    Toyota MR2 soft top

    These guys redid a vehicle interior (full leather) for me many years ago - they are true craftsmen and know about soft tops: