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    Iphone 3gs 32 gig

    hahahahaha - stupid question = stupid answer Kas1 your answer is more music will not slow your phone down... It has flash memory so there is no delay seeking through the data to find the correct song
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    New Chev Camaro ZL1 : More power than 911, SLS, DB9

    I prefer the hard top version.... not a fan of the convertible
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    Deciding between two car.... need help

    I'm looking for a cheap car (<R100K) and just comparing all cars to make my final decision. The two car I am now stuck on (not as a final car) is the Ford Figo and the old Fiesta (similar shape to the Figo). How do those cars compare and which would you choose? (Please give a reason) Thanks
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    iPhone 5 in SA End Of October? (Tip off)

    Would love to get one but my wallet is looking a little empty this year :( But I'm happy with my iPhone 4 and will probably star saving for iPhone 6 (or whatever it will be called)
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    Any feedback for iSAT uncapped ADSL?

    Any using iSAT uncapped ADSL?