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    MultiChoice launches DStv Internet with MTN

    This seems like a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Entering the ISP market at this point in time? A sinking company grabbing at thin air. I like it.
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    Huawei B535

    I have the same problem. When I flip the light switch, all the lights in that room go off. Bizarre.
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    nightmare dealing with new vox installation, help please!

    What did your contract say? iirc, their contract states that if you are in a contract, and you move, and your new address is not covered by Vox, you are liable for the cancellation fee. Regardless of reason.
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    Private security and police prepare on reports planned insurrection on 23 August

    So news articles about the shutdown thwarted the shutdown? This is fantastic news. I think this is the only positive thing that a journalist has ever accomplished.
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    Private security and police prepare on reports planned insurrection on 23 August

    Hi @Jan ,Why has no shutdown happened? I did not want to go into work today. I was promised a shutdown, Jan.
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    Samsung will block TVs stolen in looting

    Agreed. But it is the only way of achieving this.
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    Eskom is hiring — Here are the available jobs

    Why? Get hired by Eskom. You will get paid and you won't have to work a day in your life.
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    South African IT companies that pay the highest salaries

    Wait, so Eskom salaries are an average of R33'000'000'000 per month?
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    Update. Packet loss remains. I have reverted to plugging a cable directly into my laptop with no change. To add to my frustration, my Wife's company uses as their cloud storage. Their servers sit in Amsterdam as far as the IP geolocation tells me. This complicates my life a lot...
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    High Site space pricing

    Nee man, post them publicly. People wanna see. I used to manage 150+ towers for an ISP. The price varied from R300 per item to R1500 per item. It really comes down to three factors: Location, location, location.
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    Most of South Africa opens up under lockdown level 3 – here’s a comprehensive list

    I think guavamunt has lost all control of this 'lockdown'. They could have just done absolutely nothing and the Covid numbers would not have been any different. All these "level" changes mean nothing.
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    Ticketpro Dome to close

    I, for one, will not miss that rAge stench...
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    Gauteng lost R6.8 million in botched payment to Microsoft Ireland

    This is what a 30% pass rate gets you