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    South Africa's profits soar as Europe flocks for coal

    Still don't understand why the EU is not looking into new nuclear power stations, their dependence on other nations to provide fuel for coal and gas is such a risk to the regions energy security. Glad UK is at least completing new nuclear stations and planning new ones...
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    Windlab head calculates South Africa needs R1.25 trillion to end load-shedding

    Guessing the majority of the success will come from companies and municipalities moving away from Eskom, especially with all these price increases alternates will become a great long term investment for any business. Eventually Eskom wont have to deliver the majority of the required generation...
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    Union plans massive strike action in South Africa

    What's the point of COSATU being part of the Tripartite Alliance if they going to just strike against their own alliance? COSATU leaders are just taking their members for a ride, this is just a show for their members to keep membership up while they eat themselves fat with the ANC leaders.
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    I can't seem to find where to download the Tax Certificate on FNB, pretty much went through all the menus twice, and Google says the info on the below link should work, any advise?
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    Spike in ‘coal mafia’ activity targeting Eskom: report

    Coal Mafia has been around since the first BEE tender was issued and aren't parallel, they are the same ANC/ EFF cadre run companies that have the Eskom Tenders, they just double dealing... You will see the Unions, ANC and EFF fight back when these tenders/ companies come under threat. Gwede...
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    Reduce your tax burden by donating to Helpende Hand Studietrust

    I think for companies when donating to the correct institution, they can get the tax write off, BEE points and opportunity to build skills in their industry. For the super rich that give back anyways its an additional 10% they can give than have the ANC steal.
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    Google's Equiano subsea cable lands in South Africa

    Ah, yes, I remember a time when SA had all the power and no bandwidth, now it has all the bandwidth but no power...
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    Karpowership slates South African government over project delays

    And the ANC cadres with coal tenders need the stations running 24x7 which means more coal sold and trucked, the parts cartel need components they are selling to fail not pilons falling over. So we just need to understand who benefits from a destabilised grid and has the will to act on it, can...
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    Karpowership slates South African government over project delays

    Won't be surprised if they behind the sabotage at the coal stations, trying to destabilise the grid so that these approvals get pushed through
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    Companies in South Africa are turning to pay hikes and flexible hours to attract skills in these sectors

    Which would have been a non-issue if the ANC educated and skilled the black youth over the past 28 years.
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    Companies in South Africa are turning to pay hikes and flexible hours to attract skills in these sectors

    Insane that in a country with such high unemployment rate that companies are struggling to fill positions. Truly shows how the ANC has failed to uplift the previously disadvantaged black communities through education and skills while letting industries thay provided unskilled job opportunities...
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    UK's National Health Service to remove 12-year-old from life support against parents' wishes

    To throw a spanner in the conversation there's lots of talk in the UK that the mother is milking the situation, sounds harsh but there's apparently reason for this somewhat harsh claim, the Christian group that also supported her isn't much liked either...
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    Ellies fires 8 workers for refusing Covid-19 vaccines

    By the sounds of things there's still a lot of people in SA still scared of vaccines... didn't think fear of vaccines is still so bad that people would be willing to loose jobs when unemployment is so bad
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    Capitec is back online

    I can't think of a worst outage by a SA bank than this one, hate to be that DBA team on Monday morning when they get to meet the Executive...
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    5 important things happening in South Africa today

    Maybe that Senior Engineer running Koeberg that moved to Canada knew something we all should know