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    What is the best gadget you have ever bought?

    I'm having fun with my GoCube.
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    Neil Malan

    Can't say I've seen them. But Omaze ad's piss me off. 0 accountability from Facebook for scam ads.
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    Ready to OD again

    A dude I knew in school took his life. He was the funniest guy in the class. 2nd highest grades. Plenty of friends and a great family. He had so much going for him..then one day..... * shrug * When I got depressed I would actually embrace the negative thoughts and use it as some kind of dark...
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    Ready to OD again

    Can't offer much in the way of help, but I was in a place many moons ago where I was planning my exit. I talked myself out of it, go help, got medicated and I'm still around. Wasn't/isn't always easy, but there it is.
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    The Shroom Thread

    Oopsie , experimenting with microdosing quantities should be kept to weekends....just saying :whistling:
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    The Shroom Thread

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    Girls Talk and Stuff - back by popular demand.

    I never really got the Tarot thing, I mean they are essential playing cards that someone decided to use for divination. I seem to have a bond with Runes though. Made myself a set of Oak ones many moons ago, but haven't used them in a bit. My SO has several boxes of angel cards, and some of those...
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    What are you doing this weekend?

    Prolly gonna go hunt San Pedro cactii in the neighbourhood.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Hi guys, I see you can get ebuck rewards for using the gautrain. How do I go about doing this? I use the gautrain daily and have never gotten rewards.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    My bad, you are indeed correct sirs.
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    Any reviews (first hand) on the Haval_series ? H2_Lux and H6c

    A while back Leisurewheels published that article where they tuned a Haval. After reading this I contacted Haval and asked, they said it would void my warrentee, but hinted if I used the plug and play option they wouldn't need to know about it. Someone also told me Haval were interested in...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    The laws still need to be amended. So technically AFAIK it's not legal at all, they just won't try prosecute individuals smoking it in a private space.
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    This is Henry Duncan aka. Dobby. He identifies as a pekingese...and like his pekingese companion he thinks he's little and can perch on the couch like they do.
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    Any reviews (first hand) on the Haval_series ? H2_Lux and H6c

    RE the fuel consumption. DASTEK got it down to like 8.9l/100km with 180kw IMHO the mapping profile sux. BUT you can't install a unichip without losing the warrentee :-(