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  • Mmmm....weird! Could've sworn I sent you a msg this morning to just say hi and ask how things are going! I must be going slightly mad!

    Anyway, hope all is well and hope it's a great weekend for you!
    Hi Mr Shakey ;)

    Work keeps me quite busy, new job, new life etc. and it's still a learning curve how to battle with everything.

    That, coupled with the fact that this year has been my unhealthiest year so far. I'm sitting with a sore chest and a killer flu/something and I feel like sleeping from the meds, lol.

    Thanks for the message, I appreciate it. Keep well and live good ;) :D :p
    Enjoy your leave Mr. Shakey. Have fun!

    I'll barney the people if they don't leave you messages okay? arrrgghhh :mad: ;) :D :p
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