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    iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 comparison

    Basically a thicker and heavier iPhone12.
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    Sony has released a lighter and quieter PlayStation 5 gaming console

    Just remember that the local warranty will not apply.
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    Football Banter Thread (2nd Half)

    :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL: This is just embarrassing.....
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    Xbox Series X / S

    If you are going to spend that inflated price, rather pre-order this: (looks super cool:cool:)
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    Xbox Series X / S
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    PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

    Bump. Price drop.
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    Prices on these SSD's will get cheaper now that the update is confirmed so I'm holding back until then.
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    Blacklisting phone without Simcard

    Nope. Case opened first then blacklist with relevant network.
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    Blacklisting phone without Simcard

    Lost or stolen devices do not need an active sim to be blacklisted. I've just recently processed bulk blacklisting with Vodacom for stolen devices. What's required is the police case number, imei number and make/model of device.
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    DAMN THAT WAS EPIC!!! So glad I got the PS5...:cool:
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    Football Banter Thread (2nd Half)

    Maybe she only realized now that they won it last season.
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    Matrix 4 gets a release date

    I feel the same. Some things should just be left alone. Hollywood just milking Keanu after the successful John Wick movies.