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    The Cannabis Thread

    Lols, I use it to medicate first, recreation second ( a very, very close second)... Went for this strain hoping for a couch lock. Many other factors could have influenced the effect, many of which I have control over for the next sesh, but was just wondering on this point specifically. Thanks...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    I need some advice from the more seasoned folks Loaded the baby bong on wednesday night, but didn't smoke it (had to work) So we emptied out the water but left the herb in the bowl until Thursday night. Lit up and it was underwhelming. Do you think leaving it out the container like that...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Hey space cadets. Has anyone tried the G13 from 420 Monkeys?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    You lot can sometimes be a bit prickly, but you're a good bunch... and it's smoking time for me in T - 37 minutes o_O stay awesome folks
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    Funniest jokes you know

    Look at the orange mama laid
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    How Do I Know If My Tortoise Is Deceased?

    pissing on it isn't much of a send off.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    methinks it's a sign...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    I see a lot of people on reddit love it.
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    (What rouxenator thinks are) funny jokes

    just take my like and f off :cautious:
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    Heben Sie sogar Bruder
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    "Januworry"- How's your finances doing?

    Got my salary on 24 December, so Jan is just another month for me.
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    The Shroom Thread
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    The Cannabis Thread

    yeah, these dosages sound like real waterfalls - think I'll stick to the rivers and the lakes that I'm used to.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    My understanding is that it's not the grams of flower, but the grams of THC... outdoor will have maybe 10% THC, so the muffins will actually be 1.6grams, still a heroic dose, but not quite as heroic?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Personally, I prefer the little bong I bought when I started... Whats the issue you have with joints? I know I find joints to be too much for me, but the baby bong bowl holds just enough for my wife and I. Maybe a baby bubbler?