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    So what's up with this new Coke less sugar crap?!

    I dislike the new so called Original Taste Coke taste. I don't mind additional flavours added to the mix, but please don't remove the options I have grown to love over the years. It is currently almost impossible to find 1.5 or 2 litre actual original taste Classic Coke. Fake rubbish marketed as...
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    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    Friends The Blacklist Star Trek: The New Generation
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    Hong long do cheques take before they expire?

    Due to a medical aid mixup over a year ago, Pathcare reimbursed me for some money I had paid to them. I received a Standard Bank cheque. I then promptly forgot about it and only saw it today. It is just over a year old, and I am curious if it has expired? Thankfully it is not a lot of money, but...
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    Guild Wars 2 System Requirements released

    The Minimum System Requirements have been announce, though Anet also say they may change. Good to see that older machines are supported. 25GB of hard disk space! Though I doubt that will be requried for the release, they are probably just covering themselves for the future in some way. Not...
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    Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase! 10 April 2012

    10 April has been announced when pre-purchase will be begin. Seems a lot of people are unhappy on GW2Guru about there being pre-purchase without an actual release date yet. I would agree that there should be a release date first, though it is not going to stop me from ordering anyway, and...
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    Bread Maker Appliance - homemade bread

    Is a bread maker appliance worth it from a money point of view? I have no idea what goes into making homemade bread, but wondering if it is worth it, besides the possible convenience?
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    New Guild Wars 2 official vid

    New vid the recently brought out. All I can say is, THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME!
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    Noctua DH-D14 cooler

    Hi there, Can one get a Noctua DH-D14 cooler in Cape Town without going online?
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    GW2 Fifth Profession Announcement

    Seems the 5th Profession announcement for GW2 will be on the 27th of Jan. has confirimed though it will be a "Guardian". Within 5 hours of the announcement there was about 30 pages already of hype on Guild wars 2 Guru. :-) Here is the confirmation...
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    BEST Guild Wars 2 video demo

    I have seen a ton of vids for GW2, and of them, I think this series is the best when it comes to showing what GW2 will be like. IF you don't want to listen to all the initial commentary, then jump to the 5 minute mark of the first vid. After the first one, the 2nd and 3rd video's automatically...
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    AVG 2011 full free download

    This is not a major issue, but I was wondering if anyone knew the link to the FULL download of AVG 2011. Not the download manager app which is like 4MB, and then downloads another portion of the program when you run it. All of the other AVG versions had a "network" version or full/complete...
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    Guild wars 2 demo/vids from September Pax Prime

    PAX Prime 2010 in Washington, was held about 2 weeks ago. A demo version of Guild wars 2 was available for people to see. Part 1: Part 2: Don't bother with that part. This was from...
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    DSTV signal lost at certain times of the day

    I stay in the Helderberg Mountain/Spanish Farm area in Somerset West. For the past couple of weeks (nearly 2 months) during the day from late morning to late afternoon, our DSTV signal will completely vanish. The decoder just sits on zero signal/quality, and says I mustn't restart the decoder...
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    Gamco 4Mbit Vodacom uncapped

    Just wondering if anyone has tried and is using the 4Mbit uncapped Vodacom adsl package? It has no thresholds, just the usual shapping, and is a 24/7 account (ie, no limits during the day, except the normal shapping). It...