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    What we'd like to see from the PlayStation 5

    Because they knew that people like you and me will buy them.
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    What we'd like to see from the PlayStation 5

    I'm thinking around 10k. But yeah won't be surprised if it's more.
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    The rainbow nation is dead

    Over R300 billion was wasted by the government since 2013. Want to know why there's such a big divide? There you have it.
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    Showmax Voucher (Discounted)

    Yes thanks I did get. If you have any next year then you can let me know.
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    Vodacom installs solar panels in Randburg

    I'm glad. During load shedding our Vodacom fibre went down even when we had power. Just because the base station somewhere didn't have power. Hopefully this was the one.
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    Dog Crate Rental

    You can also try West Pack. West Pack Lifestyle had them when I was there a while back. This one:
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    This Jaguar ad

    It's seriously annoying. It's like when the DA thought it a good idea to sms, phone and email me every day. I don't mind ads but this is ridiculous.
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    FNB Fusion

    I'm not entirely sure. The only reason why I got the fusion account is to help get the points for my ebucks level. I may just cancel the credit card in any case.
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    FNB Fusion

    I just changed my cheque account to a fusion account and I'm keeping my credit card. At least that's what my banker recommended I should do.
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    Last Read Post

    My apologies if this have been asked before. Previously if I clicked on a thread then it would take me to the first unread post. Now when I click on a thread it takes me to the last post. How do I make it go to the first unread post? I can't find a setting and I don't see any other icons to...
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    It looks to me like you are very gullible indeed. Believing that a party is racist without anything to back that up. You are gullible enough to believe that without any evidence.
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    They don't say that at all. I'm pro XBox. But I wouldn't mind having a playstation too. Just because you are pro something does not mean you are anti something else.
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    I think you just don't have a logical response.
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    @EADC You didn't reply to my post at all:
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    Just because a party is pro-Afrikaner does not make them racist. Their manifesto is one of the most inclusive out there. I would also like to see some quotes that show that the VF+ is racist. The VF+ is pro-Afrikaner but they aren't anti-anyone else. The EFF is pro-black and pretty much...