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    My Nokia 920 melted the usb port.

    In the middle of the night while my Nokia 920 was charging it melted the USB socket right out of my phone! It was so hot I burnt a blister on my finger. I used the same cable I normally charge it with. I don’t understand what could have caused it.:confused: I had a quick search on the internet...
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    F1 live streaming - Great News

    I recently dumped my DSTV subscription and our household survives on streaming video and the odd downloaded series and movie aka ZeroTV. The one thing I miss most is live sport and in particular the F1 and had very little hope that I would ever be able to watch F1 live via streaming and in good...
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    Nokia Microsoft Partnership Official

    So now that it's official, what do you think about the Nokia Microsoft partnership? Windows Phone as Nokia's primary Smartphone platform. Some of the highlights announced: Nokia's "applications and content store" (Ovi) will be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace Nokia Maps will be...