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    Withholding occupational rent

    He should have had a clause stating as such, but hindsight has 20/20 vision. It should force the previous owner to comply, but perhaps also first check the T's&C's of his OTP/Sale Agreement regarding non-payment clauses of any kind.
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    Dear DStv - technical faults thread

    FWIW, it appears your poll relates to satellite and Decoder/PVR connectivity only? I ask as I exclusively stream DSTVnow and the quality and stability is horrendous in comparison with Netflix, YouTube and even Showmax over my 30/30 fiber line and "the best ISP".
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    Moose Goes To Swakopmund!

    What a privilege. The Jetty. And Brùcken Strasse. I can see my grandparents house. And my late aunt's backpackers on the opposite side of the road. May you be healed and revived.
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    Hyper-V to, is it possible?

    Thanks, I might just take you up on your offer.
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    Hyper-V to, is it possible?

    MaaS Is a BareMetal provision service software. It allows you to manage different servers with various CPU architectures and OS 's. It does not have virtualisation capabilities. I would still need to install KVM or similar to host virtual machines. In a single site, multi-node stack, MaaS...
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    Hyper-V to, is it possible?

    Spent an hour on Zoom with the Canonical EMEA manager and their tech. socialist in London, but the conclusion was that it is not possible. Really disappointed.
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    Hyper-V to, is it possible?

    Is it at all possible to convert/migrate an existing/production Microsoft Hyper-V VM(s) with Windows Server as the OS to Canonical's It is possible to create a new VM with Windows Server as the VM OS on MaaS, but I am unable to clearly identify whether there is a migration...
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    Pastel accounting problems

    OK, so you are within the Pervasive for WorkGroups limitations. Assuming they are using the WorkGroups version. I would strongly suggest the migration to SQL for the PoS users. Do a proper LAN sniff to identify network issues. Also, where is the Pervasive database, physically? On a dedicated...
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    Pastel accounting problems

    Pastel itself use Pervasive (aka Actian Zen PSQL) Yes, the PoS can use an Access database, but you also have to option to use SQL. What version of Pastel? And how many concurrent users? If it's 19/50c, they can upgrade the Pervasive to version 13. If they have more than 10 concurrent users...
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    Hybrid Inverter Charger towards 1st step away from Eskom prison

    Victron is arguably the Rolls Royce of inverters. You'll kill the battery and potentially the inverter running the geyser, kettle and pumps off it. In fact, you should avoid any element type appliances. Even hairdryers. But I suppose with enough inverters is series and batteries, you could do...
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    What is the best way to wire x4 12v batteries for 24v in series?

    No, this way you have no negative. 2x12V (+ to -) in series, then the wo pairs in parallel. See the 3rd image.
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    Compliance with POPI act

    Study it, declare you comply, and if you are found not to be, pay the consequences.
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    Mecer 5Kva solar inverter batterys dont last

    Still brainfarting, sorry. Yes. Not Ah, Wh. I will edit my post.
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    Mecer 5Kva solar inverter batterys dont last

    Ah, yes, right. 4800Wh then, yes. Not 2800Ah.
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    Mecer 5Kva solar inverter batterys dont last

    It is a 48VDC inverter. So the batteries are connected in series. 4x 12VDC = 48VDC, but still only 100Ah total. So @Sinbad is correct.