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    Solar vs heat pump in Cape Town

    The label say 50dB. Real world effect, it's noisier for my neighbours than for me. No idea what it cost. Bought it with the house.
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    Solar vs heat pump in Cape Town

    Had vacuum tubes on the Karoo farm. Boils in summer, freezes in winter. Now, in Cape Town, got a heat exchanger. It does what is has to, no issues in 18 months since new.
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    Windows Powershell

    $([ADSI]"WinNT://$env:COMPUTERNAME").Children | where {$_.SchemaClassName -eq 'user'} | select @{l='name';e={$}},@{l='LastLogin';e={$_.lastlogin}} | export-csv C:\LastLogon.csv
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    Windows Powershell

    I use a script to audit last logon date of RDP users. Remind me tomorrow, I''ll paste it here.
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    Novtel Software ??

    It''s good at what it does, from what my client that use it, says. Integrates to Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution. I usually deal with their head of tech. when there are issues, but these are far and few between. No idea what the costs are though.
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    What smartphone brand do you currently use?

    OTHER: Blackberry DTEK60
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    Cape Town prepaid electricity woes

    I'm on ESKOM direct, Burgundy Estate, last purchase the 3rd of August. Eskom RCPT:CIGIC5A02259806 AmtElec: 750.00 U: 515.20kWh T(s) 3834-7409-3371-4348-4934. R750.00 ÷ 515.20kWh = R1.45/kWh You are saying you paying close to R4.00/kWh That must be a mistake. Nowhere can it cost that much.
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    Nicotine/Yellowing of walls

    To be clearer. The sugarsoap is used to prep the area for the ondercoat/primer paint layer. It is for better adhesion, primarily.
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    Nicotine/Yellowing of walls

    What outcome did you expect?
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    Today I got divorced... any questions?

    Guys, girls, three letters ANC! No. Not that political joke. Anti-nuptial Contract. BEFORE you even THINK of asking her/him/it to marry you. You are bound to find out what their ulterior/subconscious motives/expectations are. And once in place, you have nothing to worry about. Been there...
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    Same here. The first 6months was tough. After that, bliss.
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    Max Span of fibre attached to poles

    Does not answer your question, but does provide guide lines and other options.
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    Max Span of fibre attached to poles

    You will feed the optic fibre cable inside a conduit which will hang on braided SS cable which will be attached to the poles. How you secure the poles and the weight of the braided SS cable and conduit with optic fibre cable will determine the spans between the poles. Best you contact a...
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    The Lego Thread

    Damn, I had this set!
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Springfield Close, Burgundy Estate Fibre Provider: Frogfoot Package: 1000Mbps Uncapped