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    Herotel (aka BreedeNet, and a couple of other rural independents) is a ripoff. 8MB radio/microwave link is R816/month on a 24month CONTRACT! Steer clear, far away.
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    Unable to connect to any Apple-hosted "cloud services" over CISP

    Poke @PBCool and also paste your CISP support ticket reference number. Also, which link provider do you use? It helps that you follow their/CISP's official procedures too. No, I cannot diagnose not solve your problem, I am a CISP on FrogFoot consumer.
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    Another Excel question

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    Offer to purchase question

    Yes, in writing. Your agent need to send you. But I'd say you're safe.
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    Offer to purchase question

    Don't allow the agent to bully you. In writing, notify her/him/it you won't offer more, in fact, you want to reduce the offer by Rxxxk and withdraw your offer that was not accepted. And do it ASAP. Standing in court trying to wriggle out of a written offer because you were to busy to let all...
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    Solar questions

    @signates, very interesting. I am pleasantly surprised at the improvements the these systems. I had three installations on my Karoo farm and they were forever in need of attention. Either a tubes cracked because it boiled dry, causing scale buildup too. How long have you had yours? What make...
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    Solar questions

    Yes, the directly attached tubes setup. But even the circulation setup I have heard is prone to boil. It is because the vacuum tubes was developed for northern hemisphere applications, our southern hemisphere conditions sun time is "too much"...
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    Solar questions

    Vacuumtubes tend to boil the water, which is not desired. You'll have to restrict them, manually , with shadecloth or similar. You best alternative is solar heating setup, one that circulates the heated water through the geysers. Else, heatpump/exchangers is also an option.
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    Coverage Advice Required for 900 sqm house

    I second this option. Installed four for a buddy of mine in and around the farm house yard, covering the garages, abattoir, massive, old (thick walls) house and up to the children's treehouse.
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    Best software for micro business' finance Sage One?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Back online by 15:20, cellular reception also seems to be affected. Went down at 16:10 again, now online since 16:30 FrogFoot playing in the rain again.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    @PBCool No internet since 14:30'ish Can't get onto your website to log the call, via 4G. I can access myBB Burgundy Estate, Milnerton, Cape Town
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    Chromecast - Dstv Now - can't cast anymore.

    Cast firmware version: 1.42.183786 DSTVnow version: 2.2.28-217020228 Updated: 24 June 2020 Android I was streaming F1 on Sunday, was the last time I did cast DSTV Now.
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    Chromecast - Dstv Now - can't cast anymore.

    Same here. Chromecast Ultra. Showmax, no issues. Such a PitA. This oke poked Google: Copy-Paste response, but correct that it is the app.
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    Is there a B&M thread for DSTVNow?

    B&M, bitch&moan Since this afternoon my Google Chromecast Ultra refuse to accept casting from DSTVnow. No issues with Showmax. WTaF? Also described here by someone else: There use to be a forum, but I recall it being shutdown...