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    Any comments on the following hosts?

    Looking for similar VPS hosting. But right now, ability to take Paypal is important for various reasons. This leaves me with Telasera and web-telecoms and am also interested in feedback if anyone has any. Otherwise AH would have been the choice. But the above requirement is quite firm.
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    Best value for money VPS hosting in SA currently?

    Still battling to find a suitable VPS host that is well known and has a good track record. Closest I am coming is 1-Grid, but there are some negative comments. Absolute Hosting was looking good, but their managed option adds over R1000 aside from the hosting, making it not viable for the forum...
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    Best value for money VPS hosting in SA currently?

    Thanks. Drop me a pm with email details and we can chat there and see if it is suitable.
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    Best value for money VPS hosting in SA currently?

    Hear so much conflicting info. Half like X, half hate them. Etc etc. I am looking for a well priced (not dirt cheap, just reasonable) VPS host in SA. Prefer if they can take Paypal for various reasons. I need about 60 Gigs space, 100-200 Gigs traffic monthly, FULLY managed with great support...
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    VPS testers wanted

    I am in the process of moving my hosts after 14 years. Need VPS hosting. Mid sized forum outgrew shared hosting. Need about 50 Gigs web space and about 150 Gigs traffic a month. Requirements are: FULLY Managed (I know far too little) and would really prefer a host that can take Paypal. SA based...
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    Why can't I add a switch to my router?

    Thanks guys. Have placed an order for a non-POE switch and see if that helps. 4 Router ports is definitely not enough in today's age of security systems and decoders and cameras etc. So a switch plugged into a router should extend the number of ports without any router settings at all. Will...
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    Why can't I add a switch to my router?

    Please consider me as knowing virtually zilch about networking. Explain to me like I am a child (although most children would know this stuff) I have an ASUS DSL-AC68U modem/router that I use for fiber. It does not have a standalone Ethernet WAN port. So I have configured one of my LAN ports as...
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    Most recommended fully managed VPS hosting?

    Thanks guys. Have replied to flbjhb. Also looking at 1-grid too. Are there any criticisms of either of these offerings?
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    Most recommended fully managed VPS hosting?

    Need to transfer a website from shared to fully managed VPS. Need about 100 Gig storage, and preferably someone else to take care of all maintenance etc. Would prefer local, so that I can call someone if there are issues. Who are the most highly rated hosts for fully managed CPanel VPS hosting...
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    iOS 9 GM released

    Sticking with the last software version that could be jailbroken
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    iPhone 6 and LTE

    As mentioned, check your sim says LTE. Often you think it is capable, but it needs a sim swap