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  • Hi

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to direct this issue to Telkom directly? Our website,, times out when trying to access our subdomain. However, when trying to access the main domain,, there are no issues.

    If anyone can help to point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.
    They both load fine for me, or does the subdomain time out once you have entered the username and password?
    No network connection for couple of days now. I have rebooted my router (TP-Link) several times and still shows no network. Supplier have tested and confirmed that it's not the router. Is there is problem?
    I have been trying for several days to port to Telkom.

    I am following the prescribed procedure by sending an SMS to 081 160 7678 with the text

    PORTME# (id number)# ICCIC (twenty digit number on the new sim card).

    I keep on getting a message back saying
    "the SIM number entered is not complete"

    or one that says
    "there is a mismatch on information entered"

    Please, can some human tell me what is going on?

    Please don't tell me to go to a Telkom office - the nearest is two and half hours driving from here.


    I got a call from telkom mobile store regarding a contract that was interesting. I however could not get an answer as to why I cannot get one bill for my landlines and cell. I will gladly take the offer if I can get one bill.

    In the telkom shop I can do both but not on the bill, why.

    Please advise.

    How about 30Gig per month @R300 prepaid?
    Or R350 for40 Gigs?
    Just as there are those who are asking for smaller packages, there's always people who want more and are prepared to pay(a reasonable price) for it. U could also offer uncapped as some others suggested and if your price is uner R500, u will steal away MANY of Telkoms customers. That might just give them the wake up call they need.
    8ta I am tired of your internet service. I have been using your 10gig promo for months now and it is the most unstable connection I have ever used. Even with the 8ta booster is still bad, all it does is show the signal from poor to good, the connection still drops. I get low speeds but it has 99% signal strength, takes forever to open webpages - even 'google search'. You guys have sent so many technicians but its a waist of time. I have had enough, I want a refund, you guys can take your booster back! 8ta no 0815035165
    Hi 8ta.
    I have 2 8ta simcards. One I ported my Vodacom number to in Oct 2010, (0824096507 this is my primary number) and the 2nd one I bought with a 8ta phone 2 months ago (0812733084).
    The new simcard works on the 8ta network and MTN network without any problems. The old simcard only works on roaming. I phoned the help centre to convert it, and they told me that the simcard will not work on the MTN network anymore if it is provisioned for 8ta. According to your final post here this will not be the case. Must I do a simswap to get a newer simcard, or can you help me with this?

    Hi there.

    I've got a google mail account & want to set it up in Outlook.
    I can recieve mails, but cannot send any. Iv'e tried Google's SMTP settings & just now, I've tried "" with the port set to 25.

    Can anybody please help?

    Thank you!
    Hey 8ta, I am contemplating the promo 5 package but I am not sure of the signal strength and speed in my area. On the map it shows i have 3G. I am at 35 Boshoff Rd, President Park, Midrand. Is it possible to check for signal and speed??

    Thanks a mil in advance.

    Hi 8ta rep.

    I am urgently looking for an HTC 7 Mozart phone on the R90 per month deal, I have phoned a lot of 8ta and Telkom Direct stores, do you perhaps know if any of them are in stock? I do not wish to take this phome from MTN as I already have 4 contracts with then and their service is poor. I am an existing 8ta client with a 10gig promo package.


    I live in the suburb of Meerensee in Richards Bay. I understand that the town of Richards Bay does not have coverage for 3G 8ta, but my suburb does.
    The local Telkom store gave me an 8ta SIM card to test out. All I am getting is a strong MTN 3G signal on my iPhone. I set the APN to "internet" and still MTN - no 8ta.
    I know there is 8ta here, but it is not showing. Is there something I have not setup ? Maybe I cannot test with a blank 8ta SIM card ? does it need to be an activated 8ta SIM with the 10GB promo before it will show 8ta ?

    Hi There

    We're currently running quite a big advertising campaign on the MYBB site for our 3G routers and there's a lot of activity with our product and the 8ta offering, I was thinking perhaps we could put some sort of bundle together where we bundle an 8ta modem and data package with our 3G router? could I chat to you about this, or could you possibly put me into contact with the correct person?


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