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  • Telkom, please can you contact me - I am trying to log a fault for over a week and nobody responds on any of the social media platforms, etc.
    Sent you a PM regarding a debit order that was not supposed to go through as per our previous discussion

    I recently moved and need my line relocated. I have paid my account and am awaiting response in terms of moving the line. Please assist.
    I gave notice to cancel a Telkom landline in February 2018. I have proof and confirmation from Telkom. After numerous emails, calls, visits to Telkom shop and Twitter DM's, the line was eventually cut in August but I still got billed for some time after that. I am still waiting for Telkom to process rental credit, now I am being threatened by debt collectors? Can you help please?
    TelkomZA, please help. Fault reference 27212513 and 27303713 on Broadband 0137671029_1 my name is Dirk Steyn. For about a week now my ADSL upload speed is 2,2 Mbps and my download speed only 0,1 Mbps. It should be 3,4 up and 0,4 down I’m on a 4 Mbps line. The day before yesterday Telkom technician Peter from Sabie was here, but could not find the problem. My internet is so slow that I can hardly work. Please help.
    7 Days without fibre internet due to Telkom cancelling the contract. We have tried to reactivate with little success, we have tried to release our line to switch to a new ISP without little success. This has turn into a hostage situation and we are prepared to take legal action if we can't get the assistance we deserve.
    On the 2nd of November I placed an order online via the Telkom website for an adsl package. A few minutes later, I was contacted by a sales representative and had my order confirmed and set in motion. I was told that a technician will contact me within 3-5 business days to set up my line and adsl. So far, nothing.

    Can you assist?
    how long does it take for transfer from Stannic bank to FNB account to show up? Could it be possible to ask your bank to process before the turnaround time at a cost, maybe?
    It is now 6 weeks waiting for a simple line move and going to 7 weeks,
    twice a time was set for someone to come out last month and twice nobody showed up.
    This is getting rediculous and I have no more patience left for telkom, no going 7 weeks to do something that generally takes 30min to do
    Good morning

    I hope you can help me out with some info. I just moved into a new place which has a telkom line already. Before the move I tried to transfer the line into my name but was told I needed to have a certified copy of the current owners ID. I decided then to just leave it and once I get into the new place I would go to telkom and get a new number (as well as having the adsl activated). I have now done all that and now waiting for the technician to come around.

    My main question is once the line is put into my name it should stop the current owners account so we shouldn't be getting anymore of there accounts or do they need to go to telkom to sort that out?

    I was told that they were on a prepaid account.

    Could you please resolve issue with my adsl line that was disconnected on 20 December last year, and has not been reconnected despite payment.
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