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    Actual download speeds different from speed test

    Hi, I recently upgraded a 4Mbps line to a 10Mbps line. I am with Telkom. When I performed a speed test using I get the following result. This seems normal for a 10Mbps line. But when I downloaded something like open office just as a test it looked like this...
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    Tesla PowerWall Specs Question

    Hi, I recently went through the specs of the Tesla PowerWall unit and then calculated how much amps it would be able to deliver based on the kWh and voltage parameters. So for the 10 kWh unit @ 450V one could possibly get 22.22 amps out. But I then I read that the unit can only...
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    DFA optical network in close proximity to my house.

    Hi, I recently noticed that a DFA optical line runs relatively close to my house. Problem is that I don't know which ISP owns that straight of fibre. My understanding is that DFA don't offer internet services. So I'm going to take a guess and say that Vodacom maybe owns it? But I'm still...