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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    Afrihost is rubbish. Stay away.
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    Afrihost Support Trial Forum

    My internet is down for three hours. Went down after 5 when Afrihost support ends. Sent three emails to them and am still waiting 3 hours later. Afrihost at one stage was the worst if the isp"s but if my service with them is anything to go by they are absolute rubbish now. Stay away.
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    Hulu and Afrihost

    Hi Guys I hope you can help. I have Netflix and Hulu plus with Unotelly. I am using a Samsung blueray player and WD tvplus to stream to tv. both media players are connected via ethernet cables. I was with Mweb and have now joined Afrihost based upon the reviews got here. My account is a 4mbs...