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    Password Manager

    Can anyone recommend a decent password manager program? Needs to be able to automatically sync between my windows pc and android & apple phones Preferably a once off purchase rather than a subscription Thanks
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    Stop MTN replaying mobile number when listening to voice mail

    Is there a way that I can stop MTN telling me my mobile number when listening to voice mail? It is sooo irritating
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    Laptop Recommendation

    I am looking for a laptop with the following minimum requirements: Storage 500 GB SSD or larger Memory (RAM) 12 GB Processor (CPU) Intel i7, 7th-gen Graphics Card (GPU) Onboard Graphics similar to a desktop with 2-4 GB dedicated VRAM NVIDIA GeForce 950, 960, 980, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080 or...
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    Thanks very much
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    Hi gamer16 Attached Thanks
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    I am using Windows 10 I keep getting advert pop ups. How do I disable these?
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    Revolut alternative for South Africans

    Does anyone know of an alternative to Revolut in South Africa? Revolut is not available to South Africans I want to use the services of Revolut because it is cheaper than using South African banks for foreign exchange transactions. Yes RMB and Standard bank have introduced foriegn exchange cards...
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    Massive increase in Telkom mobile subscribers

    Just a pity Helkom still insists on 24 month contracts
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    Best Anti Virus software

    I use Windows 10 and am looking for the best anti virus software Confused with so many options! Which should I use, or stay away from? Thanks in advance
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    Set Up Amazon Echo In SA

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    Set Up Amazon Echo In SA

    How do I set up an Amazon Echo in South Africa? It appears that I need the Amazon Alexa app installed on my Samsung phone, but the app isn't available in SA:crying: Thanks
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    How to save money and stop load-shedding

    I was quoted in the region of R2000 per month The Shity makes money out of reselling electricity. It, together with reselling water, is a major cash cow and they can't afford to loose this revenue stream
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    Dual SIM solution for Samsung Galaxy S7

    I am going overseas and really don't feel like being ripped off with MTN's roaming rates. So it is my intention to purchase a data SIM at my destination and turn flight-mode on. But I want to communicate using Whatsapp, so I still need my MTN sim in my phone. It is important to keep my current...