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    Big Netflix Giveaway - Enter Now

    6 underground
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    PSP LCD 3000

    Hi, Looking for a PSP 3000 LCD replacement screen. Hola if you have spare and want to sell?
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Echo Dot and a Google Chromecast

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Aura Glow Sim card details not available Stock available online Device Cost: R0 PMx24 Smart M + 400 mins 400 SMSs 900 MB data Plan Cost: R1099 PMx24 Total: R1099 PMx24
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    New Giveaway – Win an Amazon Tablet and an Echo Dot

    Megabiz deal - 50GB, LTE sharelink router that connects up to 32 users.Wow! At only R199 per month.
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 90ms Download: 4Mbps Upload: 0.2Mbps ISP: WA
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    Axxess Fibre price cuts - Competition

    FTTH 100/100 uncapped for R1425!
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    Please Rate Afrihost

    Great service and on the ball..
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    Please Rate Axxess

    They could offer better LTE access in my area but sure its coming :)
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    Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick - Enter Now

    Lower your telecommunication costs and access hundreds of features with Telviva hosted PBX. Cloud-based business telecoms and communications solutions. Our services will save your business money. Move your telecoms to the cloud for more flexibility, less cost, more control.
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool gadgets

    E‑PACE With a driver-focused cockpit sitting at the heart of a family-focused interior, E‑PACE takes the rewarding Jaguar driving experience and adds everyday practicality with class leading interior stowage. There’s never been a compact SUV like this before.
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    Big New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    The Super AMOLED Infinity Display.