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    R500 diagnostic fee – is this now the norm at dealerships?

    Maintenance plan means all services AND wear-and-tear items like brake pads and wiper blades are covered. Service plan covers JUST services at the set intervals.
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    Lockdown booze recipes

    Actually, we should allow people to drink their whiskey the way they like to... :P
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    Tablet for Kids

    Lucky. Mine only lasted about 3 years before the screen went cracky and it became an issue to use.
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    Tablet for Kids

    Man, that was a nice tab. I remember taking it for a swim in the pool when it was still new. Playing games on it while sitting in the shallow end in summer, etc. Ah, good old days.
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    Tablet for Kids

    I still use mine as a white noise generator when sleeping. However, screen is stuffed and I can only operate it because I know where the stuff sits. Battery still lasts a good 4 to 5 days, always on, playing white noise for a good 12 hours each day.
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    Tablet for Kids

    I miss my old Sony Xperia Tab A LOT right now. I remember the cool PS controller integration that made games amazing. Was also pretty thin, light, had nice sound and was waterproof. Where are they these days? Why no more sales in SA?
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    Loot Delivery Times

    I had good service from them a week or so ago. Ordered some stuff, they said "7 to 10 working days" and it arrived a good week earlier.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    I wonder what the implications would be for his contracts, considering he's openly advertising and defending an illegal practice.
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    Lockdown booze recipes

    That flattie exploded because that bottle is not made to withstand pressure. I think it's been mentioned a few times in this thread - use bottles designed to hold pressure. That other one is going to pop as well, so I'd open it if I were you.
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    Lockdown booze recipes

    "Bottle bombs are funny lololol". Those things are dangerous, my dudes. Careful, please.
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    Volvo to limit the top speed on all its cars to 180km/h

    I'll say it again - well done Volvo. You're standing up for what you believe in. That shows balls, guts and backbone. I agree that there's no reason to go faster. I don't necessarily agree that a hard speed limit is the way to go, but that's not my fight. Well done.
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    Here are South Africa’s coronavirus deaths by age

    Majority is between 60 and 69. But let's not open schools, our kids must be safe.
  13. Toxxyc - no delivery

    Well well well, colour me impressed. The order said they'll only be dispatched on the 19th, but the courier just dropped off my parcel. Well done, Loot!
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    South Africa is looking to move to ‘advanced level 3 lockdown’ – here’s what could change

    "We will have 5 Levels" And then a few levels between each level.
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    Lockdown booze recipes

    I've never brewed with a Kveik yet. I'm looking into it though, but probably not during this cold.