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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Bullet 1: I have had success in adding the card this way?
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    My FNB payments always seem to come through around 6-7PM at night if I do the payment before 3PM, same day.
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    Healthy/Gym/Muscle building snacks

    I want some fresh ideas for Healthy snacks, suitable for someone trying to build muscle and gyming 6 times a week. Obviously this means a lot of food but what snacks do you eat between your main meals?
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I did a transfer from FNB on Thursday at 4PM, reflected 6PM same day.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Can anyone tel me if putting savings in the normal vitality savings account will complete this goal?
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    DSTV Now and Smart TV's

    Hi there, I am looking into buying a new Smart TV for a bar area, but I want a smart TV that can support DSTV now app so I don't have to run cables through to the TV. Does anyone have a list of supported devices? I only find Samsung TV's that are supported but a friend had the app on a Hisense TV.
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    MTN Can't Provide ITC Number On New Phone

    Have you tried other online methods? Twitter, Hello Peter, Facebook etc?
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    Credit Card Min Due error?

    Hi, Is it possible for the Minimum Due amount on my credit card to calculate wrong? My min due is normally around R500-R600 every month. This month my balance is less, better interest rate but my min due is R1190??
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    FNB's "Tap & PIN" to roll out to more ATMs

    Now FNB, bring Apple Pay!
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    MTN roaming overseas - How?!

    Yes, you do need to be on the MTN APN, you can also use mymtn
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    Best company for business Hosted PBX

    Thanks I have made contact.
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    Best company for business Hosted PBX

    Hi there, Which company would you recommend for Hosted PBX for business? I am currently looking at Vox.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Half true, the banks in SA need to also go into partnership with Apple and then it can get activated. I think Apple is asking too much fees for our banks to look at it.
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    FNB Global Account Card

    Regarding using the card, yes. Anyone can use the card if they have the pin basically. You can transfer both ways to and from your cheque account. Regarding the lounge, no, I believe the main guest needs to be the card holder and this is verified with the boarding pass.
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    MTN roaming overseas - How?!

    HI, I use the *135* option and then it should say which roaming option you have enabled. This worked for me as recently as 1 week ago when I travelled. Maybe go into a store, sometimes if it is your first time roaming they ask for a crazy deposit amount. how long have you had your contract?