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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    happening everywhere, not only cool idea, but also vox, Web Squard
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    Windows Server 2008 - Prize giveaway

    need support from manufacture any time
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    Vox settings on TTConnect

    should work without mac limit, i have tried with another router, also works, make sure pppoe with username/password, don't know the latest
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    Vox outage Illovo

    That’s huge
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    Vox outage Illovo

    Is anyone same like me whole day since morning half past eight
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    Please Rate Afrihost

    select always connected, then you should be fine at all time
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    Vox Router Options

    I have fully controlled Vox router, i also used my own Router sometimes, to make sure you have the PPPoE username/password, then everything could be by your own.
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    Slow international on Vox FTTH

    mine looks fine today, 10M only
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    Please Rate Vox

    so far, so good
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    Vox insufficient bandwidth

    I have reported the issue, see what it will be ?
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    Vox insufficient bandwidth

    today I have observed insufficient bandwidth, and there is some packet loss seeing inside Vox network, feels conjunction is around. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |...
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    VUMA which ISP

    the kick-off is really slow, same to me, after 1 month i placed order, i started to chase the installation, once get PM from Vox for the project, easy to push.
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    Vodacom 20GB deal for R199x24months

    what? i just signed same one, what's the monthly cost now ?
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    Web Squad ISP

    traceroute command