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    Hisense Q8600 Thread

    Took delivery of the 65Q8600 yesterday from Takealot. Took a week to arrive and when I unboxed it I can clearly see the top right and right hand side frame is bent. Anybody else have this? Takealot now wants to go through a 12 day process of collecting, checking, maybe agreeing to exchange it...
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    Accelerit Fibre - Talk to us

    I pay over R1000 a month for 40mbs but to this day I don't even get half that speed (between 4mbs and 19 on a good day). I log tickets every day but all that I get back is excuses about openserve being the problem. The irony is that I tested (Using their own router, ONT and fiber, that...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win Great Prizes

    One contact point. Nothing more frustrating than going from pillar to post to get information etc.
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    Win a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 router - Enter now

    It's Netgear.....compared to my rubbish Asus it's like Mercedes vs Tata
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    Cloudflare local CDN unavailability

    Thanks I forgot to add the link :)
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    Cloudflare local CDN unavailability

    Pages With CDNs Perform Worse Than Those Without a CDN One of our most surprising findings was that pages that utilized a CDN actually fared worse than those that didn’t use a CDN. This was true for both desktop: I've tried Cloudflare a few times and have always found a drop in website...
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    Duplicate web content on .com and

    Thank you for all the help :) At the moment I am only Targeting SA. I bought both .com and but decided to use the gTLD but after some time it seems South Africans glance over anything that isn't on the Google results page. That's why I was trying to figure out a way to get my...
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    Duplicate web content on .com and

    My main concern is that it's an eCommerce site so when SA shoppers see .com they skip over and look for domains. Would it not be better to have content on the so that Google can index it and show content as Nobody is searching for the domain but when they search a...
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    Duplicate web content on .com and

    Hello I am looking for some advice as I'm not too clued up with websites. I have both the .com and domains for a website and I currently only have the .com hosting the site content. The is parked with a 301 redirect to the .com. I want to know if it would be beneficial to copy...
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    Beware of 1-grid

    Unfortunately due to South African regulations clients have little recourse when I company takes their money. All that I can do now is post on forums and hopefully help other people avoid unethical companies. A few months back I applied online at 1-grid for their R49.00 a month small hosting...
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    Fastest WordPress Hosting in South Africa

    This is my 2 cents after a lot of struggle. I originally started with 1-grid (The absolute worst hosting company I have ever dealt with) and they were terribly slow with my WordPress site. After a lot of research and optimization nothing helped so I changed host. I signed up with Siteground...