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    Vacancy: IT Architecture Specialist | Sandton, Jhb | R1 - 1.2M per annum

    IT Architecture Specialist (JB885) Location: Sandton, Johannesburg Salary: R1 - 1.2 Million per annum CTC The Senior IT Architecture Specialist is responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software related to both...
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    Vacancy: Networking Specialist | Sandton, JHB | R1.2M per annum

    Senior Network Specialist (JB883) Location: Sandton, Johannesburg Salary: R1.2M Per Annum The Network Specialist is responsible for translating business needs into solution designs, provisioning, configuration, operation, and maintenance of standards related to all network infrastructure...
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    Vacancy: IT Security Analyst | Sandton, JHB | R1.1M per annum

    IT Security Analyst (JB882) Location: Sandton, Johannesburg Salary: R1.1 Million per annum The IT Security Analyst is responsible for effective design, provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and administration of security systems, software, and related infrastructure. This...
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    Vacancy: Azure Data Engineer | Sandton | R900 - 950 000 per annum

    Azure Data Engineer (JB881) Location: Sandton, Johannesburg Salary: R900 000 per annum We are currently sourcing an experienced Azure Data Engineer to join a growing team in Sandton. The candidate will be responsible for expanding and optimising data and data pipeline architecture within the...
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    Should you give your salary slip

    No recruiter worth anything will phone your current employer and put your employment in jeopardy. Imagine if I call HR and ask if Craig the brave works there because we have a client that want's to interview him and we want to make sure he actually works for the company he says he does...
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    Should you give your salary slip

    You do not have to provide a pay slip when it comes to salary negotiations but there are reasons it is asked for. I normally request one from my candidates because 90% of the time the salary that is given excludes something, like a 13th cheque or performance bonus or even that the salary...
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    Is this legal (employment question)?

    When in doubt go back to your employment contract, it should have a clause covering annual increases.
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    Google advertising new positions in South Africa

    You are very good at trolling, its an art
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    Disclosing mental health to employer

    My understanding is that the Group Life Scheme would be a separate entity to the company you are working for and therefore should have some form of confidentiality clause. Your best bet would be to call the Group Life Scheme's call centre and ask about this and see if you can submit the...
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    Vacancy: IT Engineer | Isithebe KZN

    IT Engineer (JB802) Location: Isithebe, Kwa-Zulu Natal Salary: R25 - 30 000 per month Benefits: Medical Aid, KPI, Training, Travel Allowance Duration: Permanent Vehicle: Own vehicle required As the IT Engineer, you will be based at client site managing desktop and server support, hardware...
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    Software developer salaries in 2021

    I think this also plays into the wide range for the salaries, also the more intricate the work the higher up the "level scale" I have seen companies looking for intermediate candidates, paying senior developer salaries because they have to have certain industry skill sets.
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    Software developer salaries in 2021

    This is the general rule of thumb I use for Developer salaries - depending on the area and the companies budget, so the ranges can be quite wide. 0 – 2 Years experience R20 – 39 000 per month 3 – 5 years experience R30 000 – 59 000 per month 5 - 8 Years experience R59 000 – 80 000 per...
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    Senior SQL Developer | Johannesburg North

    Senior SQL Developer (JB780) Location: Johannesburg North Remote: Position is remote flexible for Senior candidates Salary: R65 - 80 000 CTC (based on industry knowledge & experience) Duration: Permanent subject to probation period As the Senior SQL Developer you will be responsible for...
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    Developer - Integrated Accounting & Administrative Workflow Software (JHB)

    Developer (JB772) Integrated Accounting & Administrative Workflow Software Salary: Intermediate R30 - 45 000 | Senior R50 - 65 000 + (based on industry knowledge) Duration: Permanent subject to probation period Tech Stack: C# for Winforms, ASP.NET, Web API MVC, Xamarin and TSQL Daily lunch...
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    Who is your favourite band or singer of all time?

    Nirvana and Metallica can't choose between those two