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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    Ok so Reuters reports over 9000 cases versus our government's 5000 odd, where does this major inconsistency come from. As we all know China lied about their numbers. New cases persist in Wuhan, Harbin seems to be locked down and it's becoming more clear that this virus was as it appears...
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    DStv is cutting three channels

    Definitely must agree there did the trial for a week, not vast amount of content but growing daily
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    DStv is cutting three channels

    Thing is in the US and UK you get H2 which showed mostly pure history documentaries. Anyway cancelled DSTV two years ago haven't missed a thing. Also strange to think in the UK you get full premium satellite service with uncapped un throttled fibre for less than you pay for DSTV.
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    Telkom fixed-LTE deals with no contracts from Webafrica

    Sounds good but why the delivery fee, no other service provider charges more than R50 currently. Spoke to your live chat I already have a B315 router so don't need yours so now what ?
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    Vodacom CEO takes big pay cut

    Thanks for the advice already on that
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    Rain Data Usage

    Anyone else experiencing issues with data usage tracking ? I know how much data I consume during peak times and I am quite pedantic about it, yet Rain's usage never really matches up this last month.
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    Vodacom CEO takes big pay cut

    Totally agree with you on that, nobody is forced, but when your business is tied to your number which is tied into Vodacom with a contract it does make switching tedious. Also just to add that Vodacom knows they have the most extensive infrastructure, although it's business in making the most...
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    Vodacom CEO takes big pay cut

    And we the public is supposed to feel what exactly? Vodacom has been milking South Africans for years. Unfortunately in my humble view has created a negative perception around the brand and a pay-cut isn't going to fix that.
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    Rain changes its network name to support Proteas

    Rather work on your network, 1121ms latency today. Signal coming and going. Oh and yes before I forget, why is it that during specific times your network just cuts out ? Low and behold when peak rates start there never seems to be a problem. So far nobody can beat you in the unlimited option for...
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    Vodacom price hikes – All the details

    If you read through your contract there is a clause specifically designed as a legal hoop hole for that. Became too much of a hassle so we just left it.
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    Vodacom price hikes – All the details

    Yes somehow we have to pay for the CEO's R53 million bonus last year still obviously. Vodafone not at all happy with Vodacom at the moment, revenue down. Perhaps pay your ceo less and start worrying about customers ?