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    More South Africans will likely quit their jobs and emigrate in the coming months: expert

    I cannot wait to get out. This place is an absolute joke. Nothing works, nowhere is safe and in Johannesburg you cannot drive 100m without seeing a beggar. The ANC can pat themselves on the back for another job well done.
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    Husband must pay wife R2m in divorce settlement then R88 000 a month maintenance

    If anyone is interested, here is the written judgment:
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    Another "help me choose a car" thread

    If you haven't already ruled it out, I would also look at the Haval Jolion. My co-worker got one and it is a seriously nice car and great value for money.
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    Neither of these are valid. If there are still some floating around, would appreciate one
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    Weed growers thread

    Hi all, it's almost grow time and I am looking for a new seed bank. Has anyone ordered from either or recently? If so, what was your experience like?
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    Host cancelling reservation 3 days before trip.

    Is this on Airbnb? I think they jack up the prices right before a long weekend...
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    Host cancelling reservation 3 days before trip.

    Yeah, that's what I said to the host... she should have informed us 12 days ago. They will probably end up giving me a refund but it will be quite annoying as I was looking forward to getting away and now its too late to book anything else.
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    Host cancelling reservation 3 days before trip.

    We booked a weekend away in Clarens for this coming weekend, 6 - 9 August, through The booking was made on 22 July 2021. The host contacted me a short while ago to say that she has double booked and will need to cancel. She then said that she will try find something else for us in...
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    Tyre/Rim Damage From Potholes in Johannesburg

    They paid out for the cost of a replacement tyre (which was around 4k if I remember correctly) but they didn't pay for the labour involved in replacing the tyre or balancing and alignment. At that stage, I was so over fighting them and dealing with their incompetence that I just decided to give up.
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    Tyre/Rim Damage From Potholes in Johannesburg

    I claimed from the Johannesburg Road Agency in 2016. It took them 5 months to pay out and, even then, they only paid out a portion of the claim. You can see details of how to claim here:
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    South Africa’s middle-class is disappearing

    Time to leave the island.
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    Takealot decided to exclude me from the latest voucher run :crying: If anyone would be kind enough to PM me a voucher, I would be very grateful. I can offer you a R100 Kauai voucher in return.
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    (Quote to written off claim) Naked Insurance Review, you asked for my experience, here it is.

    Hi all Just switched this morning. Where can I see the insured value of my vehicle on the Naked app?