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    White people created cyclone Idai – BLF

    There's another way to look at it, but in this scenario whites also bear some responsibility. If it weren't for the white settlers there wouldn't have been nearly as much to destroy.
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

    Unbelievable. I though Duff and Buddy had skills but this guy takes the cake.
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    PICS: Biker killed in kudu crash

    If he was speeding he wasn't safe or responsible. The exact opposite.
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    Businessman pays R2.8m for sex tape to go away - report

    Considering what a sex tape did for the Kardashians he should have paid them to make it public.
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    PICS: Biker killed in kudu crash

    Considering the description of the accident scene it looks like they may have been speeding.
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    Youtube must see vids part 2

    Another mashup
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    Super Rugby 2019

    I agree. Calling off the game was fine but changing their identity is going overboard.
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    Super Rugby 2019

    Another pathetic performance from Seconds. Rebels should have had a few more yellows and the Lions should have been penalized a few times for offside offenses and playing the ball on the ground. One standard for both teams.
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    I don't know. Not everyone died so no action may have been the smarter option. I don't think he saved any lives, but well done to him if he did. I'll change my opinion if his action saved just 1 life.
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    I feel sorry for Naeem Rashid's remaining family. Charging unarmed at gunmen borders on stupidity, it's not heroic. Sounds like he wanted to die a martyr.
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

    Very strange markings. Looks like he's going to Mexico for the Dia de Muertos festival.
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    Ramaphosa’s salary vs other world leaders

    Poor guy, I'm sure he needs the money after he sold his McDonald's assets.
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    Big Green Egg BGE - selling

    I agree, but it's a lot of money for the combo. No doubt it's worth the asking price compared to new, but it may be hard to sell maumau. I reckon you're better off keeping it because you may be lucky to get half that.
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    Death metal music inspires joy not violence

    Little kids can enjoy it too.