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    Broken TV screen out the box.

    yeah Great Show Makro. Keep it up
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    Muizenberg Fibre

    Hi all, so how has Octotel been performing since going live in Muizenberg. I am hoping to move from Telkom ADSL before they shut it down. I am considering Wibrenet,Nexus or Adept
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    Telkom are effing liars.

    I will cancel when fibre goes live and delivers the speed. For now i have to unfortunately stay with ADSL. LTE is not an option its still too expensive and complaints from my area are still too many to consider it as a viable service
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    Telkom are effing liars.

    Iam glad you got sorted. My ADSL died on Tuesday and i have been languishing without any communictaion from Telkom. Logged a call and the call was closed yesterday citing that service has been restored. I reopened the case and logged another case but no joy so far.
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    Muizenberg Fibre

    I spoke too soon. My adsl seems gone and Telkom is blackmailing me to move my service to them inorder to fix the adsl problem,i guess i have to shop now
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    Telegram bot

    same here, telegram has served me well so far since 2016/2017
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    Chinese mass surveillance more advanced than previously thought

    so we are probably monitored with all this chinese telecoms gear flourishing in SA. Guptas of the industry
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    Muizenberg Fibre

    I guess its good for my health to stay on ADSL, i should actually upgrade to higher ADSL speed.
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    Huawei GT Watch Claim

    i was almost motivated by Huawei now, ihave to reconsider
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool prizes

    Huawei P30 Pro @ R799pmx24
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    Best and worst banks in South Africa

    I really hate my bank FNB, i love their electronic platform. They are just legalized robbers.
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    Do you use Skype on a daily basis?

    its my number 1 app from Microsoft. i use it daily
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    Claims of discrimination against black FNB customers heads to court

    its not far fetched for me to think they could be doing it. FNB reviewed my interest 10% to 14% while waiting for transfer of property 4years ago. They changed the conditions of the bond knowing very well they were out to screw me. This had nothing to do with risk, if they can provide a good...
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    EvoNet has just cancelled all ADSL accounts.

    Back to square 1, i have to get another provider. Where is Shaun Paul,
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    Moving from ADSL to LTE

    wont you exceed your cap when you have faster speed.